March 10, 2011
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“Excuse me sir, have you seen a yellow bandana?”

He didn’t answer, but those grey piercing eyes seem to drill holes through my body.

His voice sounded like finger nails scratching a blackboard. “You kids have bothered me for months, playing your childish games around my final birth place.”

“You expect me to believe you’re a ghost, ha, yah right,” I laughed

“We’ll see about that,” the strange man muttered under his breath and a hazy figure appeared next to him. It kind of looked like a mix between a zombie and the Ronal McDonald guy. I was kind of getting freaked out so I said, “okay you’re a ghost so can I leave now?”

“Ronald, take this young fellow to my death scene, I’ll be their in a minute,” commanded the ghost guy.

Suddenly the floor seemed to fall out from beneath me. I woke up feeling dazed, when I opened my eyes I was in an old, but nice and clean hospital. It had red carpets so plush, only a king could afford them.

Next to me there was the ghost guy. I asked him a question, “where are we?”

He didn’t reply. He had a stern face that was glaring at a young man in his mid-twenties wearing a crisp and clean doctor’s coat with copper colored hair and a handful of freckles. I looked closer at his red monogrammed name tag, it read, “Dr. Thrack”. He was eyeing a neon green clipboard when a wicked grin appeared on his innocent face. He started down hall “K” until he turned to room four twenty. Inside there was a pale and unconscious man wearing a pale blue gown. I scanned the room for the ghost guy. When I found him soundlessly weeping by the bed, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The ghost guy and the man on the bed were the same people!

But how did he die? I sneaked a look at the patient’s files, and discovered the patients and ghosts name was Jeff Thrack. I looked at the doctor, and he was pulling a small switch blade out of his pocket!

I could barely make out what he was saying, “horrible brother, friends first, then family!”

“Now I’ll put an end to you,” Jeff, he boasted, “no more mister popularity”.

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