What About Me

March 8, 2011
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Ellen-George it's getting late let's go we have things to do.
George-I'm coming sweetheart.
Ellen-now, George! you spent 15 minutes taking a darn shower.
George-calm down Ellen.
Ellen-sorry was i wrong to say that?
-she kisses Calen's cheek.
Calen-mom is something wrong.
Ellen-no, sweetie me and daddy are just conversating.
Calen-morning dad
-George walks into the kitchen.
George-morning Calen.
Ellen-go eat your breakfast me and your dad need to talk.
-they walk into the dining room.
George-we need another car.
Ellen-no we don't.
George-yes we do.
-Calen walks into the room.
Calen-guys come on.
Calen-ever since I started Middle School you two have been fighting like crazy peoples.
Calen-no wonder Nikkole doesn't leave her room.
Ellen-excuse me mister watch your mouth.
Calen-mom you are so angry all the time people probably think you're prego or something.
-George shouts upstairs
George-Nikkole come downstairs now.
Ellen-leave her alone.
Ellen-if she doesn't respect us she has to move out.
George-Calen your mom has officially lost it you hear me buddy!
Calen-stop it dad!
Ellen-I'm moving oout by tomorrow.
Calen-mom please don't move out!
Ellen-I'm leaving no questions and nobody get in my way.
Calen-Nikkole come downstairs.
-Nikkole comes downstairs
Calen-you know, you are so inconsistence to people's feelings.
Nikkole-oh please mom and dad have been fighting long time ago.
Nikkole-when you were born mom swore she'd never have another child.
Ellen-you are so disrespectful.
Ellen-so unbelievably cunk.
cunk-another word for past disrespectful.
Calen-what's cunk?
Ellen-I wish you would stop lieing Nikkole.
Ellen-As for you Calen I loved when you were born.
George- look at our neighbors.
George-I'm not perfect but all of you put this family to shame!
George-everyone is living their own life.
George-get over the past all of you!
George-Nikkole, Ellen will be your mom forever and ever.
-Ellen says forever in a spooky voice.
George-I know she's not the best mom ever but she brought you into this world.

Next Week I'll Write A New Episode.

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