Cold Night

March 4, 2011
By Greenshortz BRONZE, Wilminton, North Carolina
Greenshortz BRONZE, Wilminton, North Carolina
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It was a cold frozen night. The wind was blowing at violent levels in every direction. Rain clouds were accumulating in the sky where the moon was gently poking out light on the world beneath it. Two boys were playing around outside with plastic swords. Normally they wouldn’t be acting stupid and nerdy but something about being bored out of their minds compelled them to do it. They parried exchanged sword blows against the others. Laughing with joy at the pure fun of what they were doing, no matter how childish it seemed. There names were Andrew and Carson. Carson and Andrew had known each other for several years and had become the best of friends through school. They continued to battle out and often slipped in the moist grass.

Continuing the childish fight, they began to grow tired. There arms began to get heavy like lead and there blows seemed to weaken. Twisting around in a series of circles John danced around William. John swung the final blow and it came down crashing down on Williams head causing a gash to appear on his forehead. Blood trickled down into Williams’s mouth, it tasted like copper. William let out an stomach churning scream to the heavens in pain.

“Dude, are you okay? John asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

“Why would you do that you freaking idiot!” William said yelling shoving John away from him. Anger boiled within William. He ran inside locking the door behind him. William felt the devil seething inside of him at his pure anger towards John. John began to pound his fist on the wall with such violence it shook the house.

“Let me in!” John said with intensity.

“No! You can stay out there all night for all I care; we were just playing around and now just had to take it to the next level,” William said with a laugh. Just then they saw a car slowly driving down the road. Its light shimmered on the gray concrete and illuminated the whole street. When it passed William’s house it started to slow down but it kept driving. Chills ran through the air as it passed the building covering the two boys in goose bumps. The car stopped at the intersection and took a left. The two boys reverted their attention back at one another both noticing the look of pure fear in the others face. William decided to take control of John’s fearful expression.

“I guess I’ll leave you out for the mysterious car man,” said William with the biggest grin.

“No, no you can’t leave me out here I will die,” came the frighten reply of John. William felt the power in his control and it rushed to his head.

“Have a fun night,” and walked away from the door with John still pounding on the door. The wood creaked beneath the weight of William as he walked up the stairs. William stated to laugh hysterically when he got to his room he was happy that he was scaring the crap out of John. For some reason his blinds on his windows instantly fell. Curious, William walked over to the window. The exact same car that had just passed was parked in the driveway. William swallowed and began to gag. So many emotions swirled through his head. He ran downstairs to the front door and peered through the window. There looking like a piece of meat cut to pieces, slaughtered, and gory was John. His eyes had been slashed out; some of his limbs had been removed, and his face resembled an expression as if he had been trying to scream out.

The floor beneath him seemed liked it wasn’t there and he fell to his knees and crumpled on the floor. He laid their emotionless and completely petrified. A crash came from upstairs as if a window had been broken. Getting up to his feet William cautiously trudged to where the sound came from. The stairs felt like eternity going up them. William began to shiver all over at the cold air being let in by the gaping whole in the window. While looking at the damages William noticed that the car was gone. He hoped that the main had left. Turning around he saw it. A man covered from head to toe covered in black. He wore black trousers like magicians did. A midnight black cape hung around his neck hanging just perfectly to surround his upper torso. He wore a white opera mask with one blank side and a very evil looking grimace face. Chills rushed through Williams’s body. He rushed into the bathroom and locked it behind him. The man’s footsteps sounded like a percussion section to William as he approached the bathroom door. A Mysterious ooze came underneath the door. The air around William began to feel toxic. A flash of wooziness went through William. He wondered where his cell phone was and remembered it was in his room. He sat in the tube since it was the only place it felt safe in this extremely small bathroom.

William heard the man walk away from the door.

“Hello! Who you what do you want with me!” William cried out. He began to flip out and hyperventilated. He could not deal with this stress. He wondered why this happened to him. He decided he would make a run for it. Flinging open the door and ran out he saw the man in the doorway holding a sickle of some sort in his hand. He flung it at William and it danced in the air and landed in William’s leg. Blood began to trickle out of his leg. William knew his only hope was to jump out of the window. He climbed up and started shoving his body through the window. The man took a few strides and grabbed William’s leg. He started tugging at William to bring him back in the house. The man grip broke and he William began his journey down.

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