Stranger Than Fiction

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Over the weekend John was working outside in his backyard. It was a sunny cloudless day outside. John started to get tired so he went inside and watched the college lacrosse game between Maryland and Georgetown. They were playing in Maryland and it was a beautiful day outside. While John was watching the game he was eating a pizza and was just relaxing. The game was tied up 1 to 1 and it was going into the second period.
The second period was when everything happened. Georgetown went on scoring two more goals while Maryland scored five more goals. Usual lacrosse games the score is six to four or in that range. But this game is already six to three and only in the second period. That is just strange alone. During halftime John decided to go downstairs and grab another mountain dew. By the time he got back upstairs to watch the game it already started again and Maryland scored another goal and Georgetown did not score any.
For some reason they kept on replaying the last goal Maryland had and John couldn’t figure out why. The announcers were explaining something but John had to clue what they were talking about. The third time they replayed the last goal was the time John finally understood what happened. Mark who played for Maryland shot the ball so hard and fast that it actually ripped a hole in the net. John couldn’t believe at what actually happened and even after seeing the replay three times, he replayed it himself another three times. After the third period was over the score was 15-5 and Maryland was winning.

The game got even stranger by the end of the third period because that is double the amount of a normal lacrosse score. Entering the fourth period, Maryland decided to put in their third string players because they were slaughtering Georgetown. The fourth quarter was the most exciting by far. John was still eating pizza and sipping away at his mountain dew but the final score of the game wound up being 20-8. Maryland’s third string scored another 5 and Georgetown scored another 3. The strangest thing that happened in the fourth quarter was that Nick who played for Georgetown, skull cracked and he almost bled to death on the field. Nick was only a freshman who played attack and this was his first game ever playing in. It wasn’t that he was bad, it just that he was a freshman and not one of the bigger players on the team.

It all started with Nick getting extremely angry. They knew that they were loosing badly and there was nothing they could do to change that. He didn’t want to loose that badly so he tried being the hot shot on the field and tried scoring every time he had the ball. The final time he even had possession of the ball was without his helmet on which was the biggest mistake. One of Maryland’s defensive players hit Nick so hard that his helmet flew off but Nick decided not to go after it and decided going after the ball. He got the ball back and didn’t even think twice about getting back his helmet. He was running around the field looking for an open attack men to pass it to but no one was open. Nick decided to run in and take the shot. As he was getting closer and closer to the goal, the goalie dropped back into the net even more. Nick took the shot and all you heard was the sound of the pipe ringing and screaming. Right as the coaches knew what happened they immediately air lifted Nick to the hospital. Nick’s parents came running onto the field to see if he was still alive and wanted to talk to him for one last time. Nick had serious bleeding and couldn’t make it back to the hospital in time.

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