The Devil Never Lies

March 3, 2011
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Sam and Kris were going to ‘The 99’, a Christian walkthrough experience. Sam only went because Kris was going and see heard people ‘die’ in the show. Also, her mother thought it would be good for her. Sam hated religion. To her, it was just a hobby that most people took up to fill in the gap in their schedule.
Kris had heard of ‘The 99’ before from a friend and enjoyed the idea of it. She had decided to take Sam with her, because Sam was new to everything in town and the town she came from didn’t do anything like this.
It took them three hours to make it through the line, it was so long. While they were in line, a Christian band played music for the line to enjoy. They danced to the music they found decent enough to dance to. When they reached the door to where the women took their tickets, they were excited. Sam was ready. After the three hours in line, she was ready for whatever the show would throw at her. “It would be fun. It was just a show.” She had thought.
They walked into a dark black room with groups of other people. There, they all met face-to-face with the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper was in a dark black cloak and blended in with his surroundings. Kris was scared. She didn’t imagine it to be as scary as it was. Sam had no fear of it. The Grim Reaper stood next to Sam, who was in the front of the line, and led her into the next room.
The next room had two cars in front of a row of chairs. Kris grabbed onto the sleeve of Sam’s hoodie as they walked down the row of chairs. Sam sat down at the end of the row and the Grim Reaper stood next to her chair. Sam tried to ignore his presence and focus on the two cars. In the car directly in front of her, there were three people. A man in the driver’s seat, a woman in the passenger seat, and a boy in the back seat. In the other car, which had apparently hit the other head on, was empty with a dark skinned woman in a dress lying on the hood, covered in blood.
Everyone in the room thought that all the people were dead. The driver of the car in front of Sam jumped as if he had just woken up front a bad dream. He opened his door, but was out of energy and rested on the window. He then vomited up blood and died slowly.
Sam looked up to the Grim Reaper, but he was not there. A man instructed Sam to stand and led her into the next room. In the next room was an old trailer styled living room and kitchen. There was a group of teenagers in the room. Girls huddled up in the back corner, one rolling around on a mattress and talking to herself about her baby. She was noticeably pregnant. A girl stood in the kitchen, mixing and stirring up unknown substances in a giant pot on the stove. A little boy was reclined in a chair with a needle in his arm. He was obviously dead. They were in the drug room.
In front of the girls and boy was another row of chairs. Sam was led to sit in a seat in the middle. After everyone was seated, one of the girls began walking down the row, asking each one if they had anything to throw in their pot of drugs. Sam’s group of people was then asked to move to the next room. The next room was a cemetery. There, they stood and watch a video about teenagers dying each day for their own mistakes. The next room was a normal, teenage girl’s bedroom.
There was a white screen on the wall. After everyone was well in the room, a video started. A blonde girl, about seventeen years old began to talk. She talked about how her parents hated her and how she would never fit in with her family. The lights went out after the video was over. It was dark in the room. Kris still held tight to Sam’s arm. Sam began to get scared herself. She hated surprises.
After a moment in the dark, guns shoots were fired. The lights came back on. A girl, who was not there before, was laying in a chair next to the exit with a gun shot wound to the chest and a gun laying on the ground next to her. She committed suicide. The group was led to the next room. Sam’s heart was beating quickly. Kris was pulling tightly at Sam’s arm, still.
The next room was the scariest. Girls were locked in cages. They all screamed “Help me!”, “Save me!”, “Let me go!” All the girls were dirty and were dressed in torn clothing. They were all in hell. Little demons jumped around, from cage top to cage top, teasing the girls with the sets of keys they had in their hands.
In the middle of the room was a stock with a little girl locked in it. She was younger than the other girls. She said nothing. The Grim Reaper walked into the room and took off his hood. He was the Devil. The group was led to stand in front of a row of cages. They all stood. Girls pulled at everyone’s sleeves and arms, begging to be let free. One of the girls grabbed a hold of Kris. She had a French manicure. Kris complemented her nails and the girl replied with a thank you.
In seconds, the girls hand was gone and she was screaming. All in the room was quiet besides the little girl’s screams. Kris and Sam looked up into the eyes of Satan. At their feet was the French manicured hand, covered in blood.
“That is what you get for going out of character.” The Devil yells with humor in his words.

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