The Man of Many Men

February 24, 2011
I hate it here. I wish I wasn’t stuck in this little room with nothing to distract me from-
Stop being such a drama queen. It could be so much worse. I mean, what
would life be alone?
Better without you! God... without you I’d be happy. I would have married her, had kids, and be ok. Not stuck in a prison cell.
What do you mean “without you”? I didn’t do anything! It isn’t my fault you think you are schizophrenic! And you and I both know this isn’t prison.
I know you don’t exist. You are a figment of my imagination. And this is prison!
No it isn’t. This-
- is Kingsley Mental Institute. I freaking know that!! I’m waiting for release or death! The food sucks and the guards are armed.
What the h*** are you talking about Evan? They don’t have guns. They don’t even have night sticks!
They have syringes and pills. They can’t wait to pump more chemicals into your system to make you someone you aren’t… and never were.

You are just bitter. It isn’t my fault your life has gone to h***. It certainly isn’t my fault that Lisa-
Don’t you DARE talk about her!!! And I AM bitter! I love her… and she doesn’t even come to see me anymore… she probably found someone else… someone better… and with one personality...
How many freaking times do I gotta say it?! You DON’T have schizophrenia! I am for real! I exist outside of your imagination!
Jack… you don’t know anything. I’ve been here for five years and I’m ready to go home. Just leave me alone.

GO AWAY!!! Get out of my head and leave me alone! You don’t exist!!

No you don’t… I will get rid of you myself.

Goodbye Jack… forever.

Are you saying..?
Yes. That is exactly what I mean. I’m going to kill us.

You wouldn’t!!
Sorry Jack.


**A few days later after this conversation Evan Ryan was found dead in his room. They tested the blood to find the identity of the man because they could not recognize him. They found two samples of blood. One belonging to Evan, and the other…. belonging to a Jacob Trimmer. They later found Jacob’s body in the basement of the asylum, mangled in the same manner.
Jake was real after all…

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