Someone is Coming

February 24, 2011
By Anonymous

The footsteps grew closer. The sounds of the heavy feet falling up and down resounded in my head. Always in a pattern of dum, dun, dum, dun.

I was running, running that was blinded by fear. The dum, dun, dum, dun coming ever so steadily closer. I would look over my shoulder once or twice, but I couldn’t make out who it was. A shadow seemed to cover him so no one could see in, but he could see out.

I continued to run blindly through deserted street after street always with the footsteps close behind. Finally I took a wrong turn that ended in a dead end. I looked around, but I all I could see was the brick walls of closed businesses jutting up into the sky.

I turned around to see my follower stop at the end of the ally. He stood for a second, and then made his way closer. He had a jacket that billowed when the lightest breeze went by.

I looked up, and saw the moon, a full moon, shining. Then the clock tower struck midnight. Still the man came closer, his feet only making a dull thud as they hit the ground now.

Finally, he pulled out something, and pointed it. I had a sickening feeling, and when I realized what it was when the muzzle was outline by the light of the moon he pulled the trigger. The bang sound sounded muffled, but the impact was not stifled. It hit and it hit hard. I fell from the impact clutching my stomach where it hit.

The man did not go away after he shot me. He stood above me, and watched me. Then suddenly an urge came over me. It was a terrible urge to write but I didn’t have anything to write with. The man, as if he had read my mind, bent to my ear and whispered the answer to me. His voice was like air that passes through an empty shell. It has no real substance even though it’s there.

Now I knew what I needed to do, and so I wrote. When I was done the man picked me up and took me away. Left behind were only three words written in my blood.

Someone is Coming

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