Behind the Shower Curtain

March 1, 2011
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It’s rather frightening to think that just behind that shower curtain lurks some random psychopath of the night, waiting for you to need to relieve yourself so he can murder you. He may think it’s when you least expect it, but really, it’s when you most expect it.--in the dead of the night, when no one else in the house stirs…and you have to go pee. Just leave the door open, right? But you couldn’t do that, because then your animals would come and watch you with their beady little eyes, lacking even the slightest decency to turn away in the delicate situation of wiping yourself. But would you really rather close that door and ensure certain death than secure safety and allow yourself a few moment of discomfort? Yes, of course you would, because deep inside you know it’s not true. You know that some random weirdo off the street didn’t just waltz into your bathroom to wait behind the shower curtain for you to have to take a leak just so he could kill you. You know the loony bin is too far from you house for all the crazies to want to walk if they happened to escape with an unnatural thirst for blood. There’s no one lurking behind that curtain waiting for you…or is there?

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