Dark fantasy

March 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Don’t look at them

Don’t look

Don’t look!

when I was little my mom would always ask me if it would have been better if i had been born blind. Blind?, I would ask, Why would I want to be blind? then she would turn away coldly not daring to look at me and go back to what she was doing, as if it had never happened.

The word stuck in my mind, without sight, did mommy think it would be better if i couldn't see her?
It was my eyes the deep bloody color that they were and the slit of a pupil the would widen or shrink depending of the light.
It was my eyes, it was because they weren’t human.

By the time i realized what she had meant at the time it was too late to give her my answer.

Blind. so i wouldn’t have these eyes.

“oh she’s here!” Thomas said, his face grinning happily lighting up like a child’s on Christmas. He ran quickly to the locker room in the back of the store and grabbed his coat swiftly from inside his own locker. He didn’t bother closing it or trying to remember if he forgot anything he just had to get out, he just had to get to her. John walked in with his straight football physic and move quickly by the speeding Thomas when something from Thomas’ open locker caught his eye. “wait! Tom!” John yelled futilely as Thomas raced out the job “you forgot to change” he laughed and looked at the regular clothes left in the open locker “oh well” he laughed again, “he’ll learn.”

Thomas burst out of the store toward the couple on the sidewalk. An older woman stood there holding a rather terrified looking girl in her arms. She laughed taking away some of the age in her face as he came to a stop in front of them heaving and sweating. “you didn’t have to run” the old woman smiled he smiled half willingly at her and turned his attention to the girl. Her hair was thick and long, black like midnight yet soft like mink. she was small in stature but that was all he could see since she had buried herself well into the woman’s coat. this was the girl he had been told about, “Are you sure it’s alright?” The woman asked cautiously. Thomas smiled “of course!” . He reached to the little girl and placed a firm hand on her shoulder “I’ll take care of her” The girl’s face turned toward him and he noticed the dark shades on her face. She had heard she couldn’t see but looking at it and meeting her was a completely different feeling. He gently scoped her thin arms until his hands held hers. He sqeeuzed it. “I’ll definitly take care of her!” He smiled broadly at the old women who looked relieved. Since the time he had stayed with her in the church he hadn’t changed, he always felt compelled to take care of the weak and feed the hungry. She had worrid that when he left he would give all he had to a passing hobo but he didn’t in that time that he finished college he had come to realize that you can’t save the world. And she was glad, but she was also happier that he was still willing to help someone in need. “Well” she smiled nostalgically “i best be going” She rubbed the small girls back and whispered secretly in her ear, then turned to thomas. “Take good care of her” and got into the small bugy she had drove there. Thomas watched her drive off and looked at the small girl in his current care. Take care of her huh?

The author's comments:
So should i continue? or cut it short?

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