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The Bang

February 16, 2011
By Jesus Escobar BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Jesus Escobar BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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It's a dark and stormy night as four friends decide to watch a scary movie. They gather all the supplies they needed. Jason got the movie, Steven got the popcorn, David brought the drinks, and they all went to Daniel's house to watch the movie. As they began playing the movie an adrenaline rush ran throughout Daniel's body and gave him chills down his spine, but he paid no attention to it. Daniel figured it was just the movie getting to him. All of a sudden they could hear this loud banging noise throughout the house. Suddenly the power went out and they could hear one of them being drug away. The three left huddled together with a grip that would never let go. A couple of seconds later the power came back on and they could see that Jason had been taken. The three of them rushed to the kitchen where they could grab a flashlight and look for Jason. As they walked around the bottom floor of the house Daniel whispered out to him "are you there?" but there was no reply. "Bang," the noise rang out again. Quickly Daniel turned around to David and Steven but all he could see was the darkness of the room. When he saw that it was just him alone he tried to make himself believe it was a joke. He called out to his friends, "okay guys very funny you can come out now." Still there was no reply on loud clap of thunder and that bang again. The banging grew louder and louder as he walked closer and closer to the basement. Although he was scared he knew he must go down there for the sake of his friends. As he walked down the creaky stairs he could hear his friends begging for mercy. He quickly flashed his flashlight over to where their voices were and standing in the shadows he could faintly see the silhouette of what looked like it could possibly be a demon. As he flashed the light upon the creature it turned around and began running towards him at a blazing speed. As Daniel ran back up the stairs the door slammed shut in front of his face and all he could hear was this annoying beeping. He opened his eyes and he was laying in his bed. He then reached over and turned off the alarm and said, "are you serious I'm going back to bed," but as he closed his eyes he heard "Bang" on his door when he opened the door there was nothing there. He yelled for his parents and they came in and said they heard nothing and told him to go back to sleep and that, that noise was in his head. Then his parents were dragged off and he woke up again and pinched himself to make sure it was real life. So he went back to sleep relaxed knowing that it was finally over.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to write a creative, suspenseful story

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