Death By Sand

February 22, 2011
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My family just moved to San Diego because my father got a promotion. He designs chairs for a living. Fun. My mom is a stay at home mom and doesn't really do much other then nag. It's kind of weird saying this but my sister, Lauryn, is my best friend right now. We don't know anyone in San Diego, Yet at least. When my mom walked in with a flyer and said "You guys look bored. Why don't you go out and explore the town a little? Here, I found this sand sculpting competition flyer. It's just down the street on the beach. Go take a look while we get settled in the house. It was obvious in her voice that she didn't want us in the house.

When me and Lauryn arrived at the beach the first thing we saw was a giant tent foot tall sand castle glistening in the sun with a dark blue ocean behind it. It even had its own moat around the perimeter of the castle. Every time the waves came in the moat surged to life and then slowly drained back out into the ocean. There were a lot of sculptures just as impressive but one caught my eye. It was a octopus with so much detail you would expect it to jump down and flop its way back into the ocean. Lauryn noticed a small yellow tent behind the sculpture and of course super curious and had to look inside. Lauryn pulled back the entrance of the tent and hurried me in, when I stood up I had found the secrets to his sculpting "talent".

This persons "talent" was nothing more than a lie. He was using real octopuses with metal wire sticking out of every tentacle to give it structure. "Wow, I hope this idiot gets caught and gets disqualified" Lauryn said with disgust in her voice. "Yeah he's pretty lazy... Now can we get out of here? We're not supposed to be in here." When I looked at Lauryn a hair arm with a cloth in its hand pushed against lauryns face. Her eyes fluttered and closed. I tried to run but he grabbed my leg and put the cloth in my mouth. It felt like I was very tired late at night."
When Me and lauryn woke up, we looked at each other and realized he sewn our mouths shut. Screaming was pointless. The man walked in the tent with a bucket of water and sand and begun to plaster it on us. "Well you two. I can't let you go so I might as well use you to my advantage. See my plan is to conceal you in sand with your hands above your head holding a globe. Hm? What's that? Yeah about your mouths... You open your jaw even a tiny bit. You'll tear your skin right off. I shall call you two 'Our Generation'" By the time he finished his little ramble Lauryns body was covered just below her waste.

Back at our house are parents became a little worried. They drove up and down the street calling our names but we didn't simply walk out of the tent. After several hours when the sun was long gone they decided to call the police. "911 what's your emergency?" as calmly as she could my mother said "I can't find my kids... They went to a sand sculpting competition down on the beach since noon but they haven't returned since. Lauryn, my daughter, is 13 years old with dark brown hair and under 100 lbs. My son, Donovan, is 14 and weighs a little over 110." The operator sounded so pleased to help find another missing child "Okay mam, I'm going to send you a police officer to you"

After the paper work and long boring interviews were over. The two officers heavily searched the neighborhood and then headed towards the beach. People nowhere in sight, the soft orange flickering fluorescent lamp post lit the way. They spotted the only tent on the beach. Couldn't miss it. Bright yellow, smart. They went inside and the flashlights pointed at us. The sculpture by now. We tried screaming in moving but the sand was too much. Our mouths trickled with blood as the string pulled our skin. "Wow impressive sculpture, so much detail. Bet who ever made this is sure going to win. I heard this year they will explode the winners sculpture. Should be interesting." Great, our only way of being rescued just walked out of the tent.

The next morning the sculptor came in and woke us up with a pleasant smell of coffee. "Rise and shine early birds! You guys look FANTASTIC. Put your best smiles on today because you're going on public display!" As he said, minutes later we were standing on the beach holding a globe.

Two hours later the judges announced the winner and here came the fun part.
"Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to San Diego's 25th sand sculpting

competition! I have very exciting news for you. This year the winning sculpture will be blown up! And speaking of the winner, the winner of the 25th annual sand sculpting competition is... "Our Generation! Please clear the area now folks"

The sand sculptor desperately tried to stop them, bribing them with reasons as "Its beautiful! Let me take care of it." But it was too late. 3... 2... 1... The ground rumbled and sand flew in every direction. Peoples "awwww" and cheers went to screams and shouts when the fine mist of blood rained down onto the beach while birds immediately flew on and started grubbing on my arm. The man was later arrested and charged for 2 counts of child abduction, and attempt of murder. He was thrown in jail with a death sentence later that month. My parent's never forgave themselves and moved back to Camarillo.

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