The Purfect Murder

February 23, 2011
By Senioritis66 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Senioritis66 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Isabella woke up, today is that day. Isabella and her dad were moving today. They needed to get out of their town. Too many bad memories. It was five years ago today that the incident happened. Five years ago thought Isabella, seems like yesterday.
Meet Isabella Purfect. Isabella just turned 18 last week. Isabella and her dad were from a small beach in Florida called Indian Rocks Beach. It was a very small area. Everyone knew each other. No one would ever suspect something bad would ever happen in a place like Indian Rocks. The incident that happened to the Purfect Family is an incident no one would ever suspect in a small town like Indian Rocks beach.
Isabella had a mom. But her mom died five years ago. It was a terrible thing. She relives the horrifying memory of what happened every year. Isabella’s family was what you’d look at as the “perfect” family. She was an only child with two loving parents. She was a freshman when her world began to fall apart. She was a straight A student and had all the friends she could ever ask for. She had a boyfriend who was a freshman in high school and everything was just perfect for her. She was living the teenage dream.
When does this all begin? Everything started to fall apart after Isabella met her boyfriend Jimmy’s family. To start off it was one of the most horrifying events in Indian Rock Beach’s history…..

Hi. My name is Christy and I’m going to tell you the story of the Purfect Family Murder that occurred five years ago. You might be wondering why I am telling you this story. Well I happen to be best friends with Isabella. I was there when she needed a shoulder to cry on and help in her most time of need. So let’s go back into time when everything started to happen.

Isabella was a freshman in high school. She was the youngest in the class but she was the smartest of the whole class. She was absolutely gorgeous all the guys would say. She had a sweet and caring boyfriend named Jimmy. Jimmy was a sophomore in high school and he just got his license over the summer. So Jimmy drove Isabella everywhere since she was still too young to drive. Anyways back to Isabella. Isabella was an only child. Her parents were still happily married and they were very close as a family.

You’d think it’s ironic that Isabella had the perfect life and her last name is Purfect right? Well it was that year that everything started to go down hill. Jimmy had a brother named Lars. Lars was a very unhappy person ever since their parents got divorced. Lars was always envious of people who had things that he wanted but couldn’t have. The family he was especially envious of was his little brother’s girlfriend’s family.

For a while it didn’t bother him. But then as time grew on he became more and more jealous of the family. And then everything began….

It was a Tuesday in September. The 12th to be exact. Jimmy had just picked up Isabella for school. Lars decided to skip school that day and followed Jimmy to Isabella’s house. He stayed outside and waited. Waited for Mr. Purfect to leave. Once he left he began his mission. He walked to the back door of the house and saw Mrs. Purfect cleaning in the kitchen. Then he decided to make his move he broke into the back door. Mrs. Purfect turned around and screamed. She ran for the phone but Lars tackled her. He would not let her contact anyone on his watch. Mrs. Purfect kicked Lars and ran upstairs. Lars grabbed a steak knife from the drawer and ran upstairs. Mrs. Purfect was hiding in her bedroom. Lars ran back down got a hammer and knocked the knob off the door. He kicked the door in and found Mrs. Purfect cowering in the corner. And then he let all of his anger go. He stabbed and stabbed Mrs. Purfect until he knew she was done for.

And then he heard a sound. Cop cars on their way racing down the street. He panicked. What was he supposed to do? Where was he supposed to go? He was going to be surrounded and he knew it. There was no way out of this now.

Isabella got called down to the office when she was in 1st block. Something terrible had happened…..then the truth was revealed to her. Jimmy was also pulled out of class. Isabella ran to him crying and told him what had happened. He couldn’t believe it. Had his brother really done such a thing? Was this really true? He knew his brother was bad and a troublemaker but he never knew he would go this far.

Isabella and Jimmy rushed to the hospital. But it was too late. 23 stab wounds. Isabella couldn’t bear it. She had just lost one of the two people who meant the most to her. From that day forward Isabella’s world collapsed…

So that’s Isabella’s story of what happened those 5 years ago. She’s on her way to Tampa right now. And already she told me that I have to come out and visit her. She said that today was the last time she will ever set foot in our town of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

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