Teddy Bear Times

February 16, 2011
By Breanna4eva SILVER, Citrus Heights, California
Breanna4eva SILVER, Citrus Heights, California
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One upon a time, in the land of fuzzy teddy bears, King Teddy ruled the land. One morning as King Teddy was walking through the castle he didn't see that his leg was losing stuffing. Each time he took a step, his leg would get flatter...and then it happened. As the king's leg was getting flat, he was going downstairs. And down the stairs he went. He went down hard too. He went down all forty-five flights of stairs and not once did he stop. Down, down, down he went, and when he hit the bottom he started yelling!!! And very loud! Down the hall was a nurse who was walking to her room when she heard him. She started jogging to the screams. When she got there, what she saw made her heart stop, her knees buckle, and fall to her knees. The once snow white carpet was now stained dark red with the king's blood!
At once she took King Teddy to the emergency room. Her and five other doctors got sanitary stuffing to give the leg its roundness and sew his leg back together. They also gave King Teddy his favorite pain killer; Advil. King Teddy had to stay in the hospital for seven days. The healing process is very complex. The first day is the gaining consciousness part, then on the next two days, the patient must regain balance and coordination. The next four days are for the patient to rest, get tested for any infection, and to be monitored for any other problems.

While King Teddy was in the hospital he got many visits from the people he served and many letters/cards saying to get well. The other thing was, while he was in the hospital, a war was going on. This war was between the Land of Fuzzy Teddy Bears and the Land of Evil Teddy Bears. The king of evil teddy bears was King Teddy's brother, King Bear. King Bear always wanted what King Teddy had. Even when Teddy was sick, he would rub against him or drink off his glass so he would get sick too. He always said that mom loved King Teddy more. So with the war going on, it was just another way for King Bear to get something that King Teddy had. It wasn't that bad until a woman got killed... That woman was King Teddy's wife. King Teddy didn't realize that King Bear was trying to kill his family because he didn't have one. He didn't realize that the next victim was King Teddy's cousin!

There were signs that King Teddy was not seeing. Like last week, King Bear stole King Teddy's cousin, Bearnard's, antique bearchest and all the glass trinkets in it. Bearnard did know about it, but there was nothing he could do, and he did not want to tell King Teddy. Once King Teddy knew about it, that is when the war started. Bearnard knew something was up because little thing kept disappearing from his bearacade. Some day it wasn't going to be his stuff, it would be him and his own stuffing...
The next month, Bearnard and his Bearacade were gone. That was when King Teddy knew something was up and these two deaths were connected somehow. This is the point when King Teddy hired a spy/inspector to see what was going on and who was behind it all. Right then and there he made a call to Safe Teddy is a Happy Teddy and asked for the most skilled operative for his job. Right away he/she was on his/her way. When he/she got there the nurse that found him on the first floor started up to hospital room 10000000. On the elevator, it took an hour to get there. When they finally got to floor 10000, she took he/she in the room to King Teddy. When she got there, the spy went right to work starting first, she looked at King Teddy's leg. This was too much for the king. With his wife dead for three years and the spy so pretty, he was going crazy just thinking about her. So he asked for her name. "Lilly" she said. "Wow", the king thought, "She is the most prettiest girl that I've ever seen"

The spy was very into her job, but she was single and was almost lonely(well, who wouldn't want to be in love with King Teddy?). They both fell madly in love with each other. The spy even gave King Teddy a beary good discount on the job.

Somehow they both found time to make-out in the utility closet(the utility closet is very big for a closet so it is easy to make-out in there). Well, let me tell you, the two of them performed every kiss in the OK and then some! They even hung upside-down with one eye closed without touching while kissing(now that is a beary hard thing to do)!
Then a couple days later Lilly got beary sick and frail. No one knew why except Doctor Bearkenstalk. The day after Lilly got really sick, Doctor Bearkenstalk came in her room in the emergency section and asked her if she was kissing anyone upside-down with one eye closed and not touching. Lilly did not want to lie because it could mean her life, so she told the truth and said that she did. She also asked if that was what had caused this awful sickness. Doctor Bearkenstalk told her that it was and that there was only one cure. She must kill the one that she kissed and she must kiss someone else in front of the king before she kills him, or she would die and everyone that she ever touched would too. And she had two hours. So Lilly went to the local club called Hoppin-Scoppins-Bear. There, she got a bear that got drunk off of loads of honey and took him to the king. Right then and there, right bearfore she kissed him, Dr. Leonbearn walked in.

"Wait!" he said, "I know about what has been happening, and I know another cure". "you only have fifty-two minutes until you have fifty-two percentage of life, so if you want to live we have to get you to the next state in an ambulance, now".

"I'll do it", said Lilly.

"Let's go", Dr. Leonbearn said with no hesitation.

so, Lilly got on a gurney, put into the ambulance, and headed for the next state over. They sped along as fast as the vehicle could go. They arrived at the only hospital with the most extensive line of surgical engineers and medical specialists. Lilly had only twenty minutes left to live, so the doctors had to rushed her into a room and hooked her up to a lot of machines. The doctor told her that every ten minutes, for the cure to work, she had to blow her nose. so she did.

Right after she blew her nose, Dr. Bearkenstalk walked in. He said "Wait, his way doesn't work!!! It works on guy bears, not women!!! All you you have to do is...ugh..." and that was the last words Dr. Bearkenstalk said. Standing right behind him was the evil King Bear. King Bear had shot Dr. Bearkenstalk in the back. Lilly wanted to be cured before she died. She had only two minutes left and she thought she was going to die so she thought of a plan.She thought that she could kiss the evil King Bear and see if she would still live. So, right at about one minute before she died, she went and kissed King Bear. She instantly felt better than she had ever felt before. For once in twenty four hours, she finally felt healthy. Then she took King Bear outside, but before that, she winked at the king(King Teddy, that is). Teddy knew that she was risking her life for his and so he got right to work.

King Teddy was feeling better and was no longer in the hospital. While he was in his own chamber of the castle working on the mystery, his cousin Bearnard's ghost came into his room.

"You're next, you're next" the ghost said.

King Teddy knew that his life was in danger, but he didn't think it was going to go that fast. King Teddy was frightened, and had to take action.

The next day Bearnard's ghost came again, but this time he said something to King Teddy that was more disturbing, even more disturbing than what he said the day before to King Teddy. Bearnard said "Ive to pee".

That was so disturbing to King Teddy, but before he could say anything, Bearnard said "Lilly. Lilly!! LILLY!!! she's locked inside a closet and getting ready for her marriage. Save her! SAVE HER!!!" Without another word, Bernardo left and kept his yell for a ghost bathroom inside. King Teddy knew what he had to do, just not where Lilly was.
King Teddy and all the maids in his castle searched every closet. While the maids were searching, they all saw nothing, no sign of Lilly. Just then, King Teddy knew where Lilly was, but he had to get a fast vehicle to get there.

So, after a two minute wait on the elevator, King Teddy got down to the garage of his castle and hopped onto his really cool Teddy Cycle. He rode to evil King Bear's lair. King Teddy knew where Lilly was because of a game him and his brother used to play when they were young. King Bear had a secret closet that was only known of by the two bear brothers, and King Teddy usually got locked in for a couple of hours(or so King Bear thought). There was an escape door, but you had to be able to touch your tongue to your nose to find it.

When King Teddy got to his brother's lair he was approached by the two guards. The guards let him in because they knew he was King Bear's brother. King Teddy went straight to the room with the secret closet and looked around for the key to the door. The key would be in a secret place in that room, depending on where the moon was in the sky. King Teddy finally found the key. After looking in the one place King Bear would have put it, he found it. A secret box the bears named Cherrytree. He took the key out and ran towards the closet. After what felt like two hours, he finally opened the door. What he saw frightened him to the very core... What he saw was Bearnard's ghost using a urinal.

The author's comments:
In middle school, my friend and I had very vivid imaginations. This is one of the stories we ended up putting on paper. The twists in the plot are fantastic and the ending is something you wont believe. A good read for anyone looking for a laugh or two(or more)!

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