Marcus and Luhrain

February 18, 2011
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L:Ahhh! what is that?!

M:Don't be scared, I made it up. Do you like it? It was previously outlawed around here, then blown up.

L:So you mean you reconstructed it all by yourself?

M: Well I had some help from these blueprints. And guess what.

L: What? (shrugs)

M: I added a built in light that rums on the three renewable sources.

Both say simultaneously: Light, water, and air.

M: You see you can use it in any situation and don't you just love the color?

L: yes and especially that it is so compact and not that heavy.

M: Whoever built this first had some good ideas, but he forgot the secret compartment for life gum!

L: Which is what one must live on if no other nutrition is handy. Thank goodness you thought of that, maybe you should tell the one that made this contraption about that aspect.

M: No, I can't, I'll tell you why. First of all, he may not even be alive because of the earthquake and second, if I told him, he would have me put in jail for reconstructing the outlawed "whatever it is".

L: You don't know that.

M: Well I don't have enough curiosity to find out.Right now I just want to get it out of the country so maybe I can make some money off of it.

L: Before you think of that, we have to get out of here.

M: I wonder where we are.

L: Check your GPS.

M: It can't find any satellites from here.

L: Lets try to follow some tracks then.

A little later...

L: Look at that!

M: What?

L: That!

M: Oh that! Yeah, I forgot to tell you.

L: What?!

M: I may know why the earthquake hit.

L: How could you possibly know that?

M: Well, I just happen to be a close relative of an evil genius.

L: How could you keep that a secret from me. Me. I am the one who "revived" your "broken heart".

M: I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to think that I was evil or that he would try to hurt us. I didn't want to scare you off.

L: oh...

M: you are worried that he's after us or causing world destruction, aren't you?..

L: Well since I don't know the guy, I am thinking a lot of things. Why, you might be one of his experiments sent to harm me.

M: I am not that kind of a person and we still have those contracts.

L: Then tell me about this evil relative of yours.

M: Its a long story...

L: considering the spot we're in, we've got quite a while. Entertain me.

M: Well, first of all, he didn't do very well in any of his classes when he was in school. He was a loner for the most part and he always seemed to be in some dangerous mood; almost depression-like. We all tried to cheer him up and help him, but he never let us in.

L: so how did he become evil and what is he up to now? Can we stop him?

M: Well, he started getting all these crazy ideas about ruling the world and maybe creating an army. We all thought he was nuts. We all didn't believe in it. He kept on with his dreams.

L: Do we know where he is now?

M: Well, about fourteen years ago he ran off to God knows where. We sent out search parties and police dogs, but he shut himself in good.

L: Do you think he may be near the focus of the earthquake?

M: Good thinking, but that just may be his "army".

L: So we shouldn't get too close?

M: Exactly.

L: How are we going to stop this guy?

M: Once we get out of here, I was planning on calling the RFPD.

L: What's that?

M: Oh, its code for Reaching Formal Peace Defence. Its our little army against that guy.

L: Wow, all this stuff I never knew. Love really is complicated.

M: (little laugh) Well, if we defeat this guy and turn him in, I hear there is a reward.

L: What, you mean you wanna go live in a mansion on a hill somewhere?

M: Well, who doesn't? I was just trying to lift your spirits.

L: Consider spirits lifted. So, what will RFPD do?

M: Once I contact them, they will join us and pinpoint his location ,or at least, his last one. From there, we can usually find what he is up to.

L: Have you ever caught him before or has he been in hiding until now?


M: Wow!

L: What?

M: Somehow I just got a message from the RFPD!

L: Well, what did they send?

M: Lets see...(looks at PDF). It turns out my evil relative is not alone. He has two minions and one hostage!

L: Is this the first time? you act really surprised.

M: Well, its the first time that he has a hostage. This means he wants something.

L: Is it the usual: money?

M: It could be or he may want a substance with precious metals.

L: If it is his first time with a hostage, maybe we can trick him. How smart is he?

M: Well, there is no knowing. He has minions now and possibly an army.

L: Your right, we do need the RFPD! By the way, does your evil relative have a name?

M: His real name is Eebelon Raguel, which by the way, has the same initials as Evil Relative.

L: Who thought that up? you?

M: By accident, just now.

L: For some reason, I forgot how we got here.

M: Well, I think it was when we got chased by that team of gunman and then drove the truck over the hill, crashed, and got concussions...or just passed out.

L: That's right.

M: Oh, hey look!

L: Huh?!..

M: My GPS is working!

L: Awright!

M: By its calculations, we are not too far from the base of RFPD.

L: Lets hit the road! Don't forget the outlawed thing-a-ma-jig.

M: Right. Lets hide it in with the rolls of towels.

L: Fine idea. I wonder if the jeep made it through the crash.

M: I'll check. Thanks goodness for my no good dad that just "had" to teach me about engines.

L: Does it look OK?

M: It should be fine with a little gas and some tightened bolts.

L: Well, we do have the gas cans in the back and a wrench in the toolbox.. Hopefully nothing happened to them over night or however long we were passed out.

M: Everything is in order.

L: Good. Lets get going. You should give RFPD a call and tell them what's up and where we are.

M: I've already done that.

L: When?

M: While we were finding the vehicle.

L: Well, aren't you just something?!

M: Only the best. Plus, I have to protect you.

L: Awww.

M: Well, you have repaired my heart and helped pay the insurance on the jeep, which we'll be needing.


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