Revenge is Bliss

February 15, 2011
By kristenkayb BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
kristenkayb BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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REVENGE is bliss...

Revenge is bliss... he messed up. Like I was gonna let him get away with it. He is more fearful of me than ever, which it should be. I don’t know who or what would make him think he can mess with me, but whom or whatever it was must be idiotic.
I'm a woman, single as of 4 days ago. The widow of a relationship that never should have taken place. He will not like what I am doing to him, but he does things I don’t like. He can deal with it. I plan to get him back as best as I can, even if it will kill me. It will happen.
You see, his best friend since third grade has always loved me. I plan to use this advantage for as long as possible. He will be the main reason of pain, but not the only. That would make it way to easy on him whose name is unspoken. He will get what he deserves, and if I feel like it, then some. As some say a door closes but another one opens. Well, for him the door that opens is gonna smack him straight in the face. I’ll leave my mark, and when I'm done, hell will shriek at the sight of me.
You see, my revenge started on the fourteenth of February, yes Valentine’s Day, my favorite day of the year. He and I had made reservations to the best restaurant in the continental US back in ‘09. I went and bought a new dress and shoes because I was so excited, this was going to be the most romantic night of my life. I wanted to look absolutely perfect.
We were on our way to the restaurant when things started to go downhill. I was singing along with the song on the radio as I always do, and usually he looks at me laughs and then usually joins in. Well, that was not the case this time. As I was singing, he looked at me with a look as if he was about to kill me. After that, I stopped singing. The car was surrounded in a fog of silence. Once we got to the restaurant, we sat down at the table, and again, he spoke not a single word. I knew something was wrong right then and there. He and I have never had a silent dinner date in 4 years. We gorged into our food in silence.
After the waitress picked up our food, he gave me this look. This look was not the same look I had received from him earlier on. This look was of sorrow. As of that point, that look came to me as strange. The waitress left with our empty plates. Again the sight of his face spelled out sorrow. He grabbed my hand, look at me straight in the eye and said,” You know I love you right?”, I looked at him, smiled and replied,” of course, you never let me forget.” Again with the sorrowful face, he knew that he was to tell me his biggest mistake,” I have something to tell you.” With no reply on my behalf, he continues, “I have done something so wrong that I feel myself rotting away with guilt.” I give him a look as if I'm about to die, he goes on, “I cheated on you... twice.” As of that point of the night, I got up from the table and left. He hasn’t heard from me since... but he will. He won’t like what I have to say. He will feel what he put me through as soon as I see him again. He will be reminded... Revenge is bliss.
I let a few weeks pass by. Suspicion was the last thing I needed from him. I call the best friend, hoping he would catch me in the act. He let the phone ring three times, answered, and made a date. I was in. this revenge would go down in history, if I have to force it upon him, which would be fun.
Saturday night, the night of sweet revenge, I was completely prepared and ready. He was to pick me up at 7:15 at my place, and take me out to dinner. There I would get him drunk, go back to his place, where he lived with he who should not be mentioned, and sleep there.
He picked me up right on time took me to eat Italian, which he was told that it was my favorite by the idiot himself. I had never been to this restaurant. The extravagant murals on the walls, the beautiful glass chandelier, the marble tables, and covered seats were absolutely astonishing. He pulled out my chair, which you know who would never have done. He impressed me very much, but I could not fall for all the romantic junk. I was here for one purpose, and that was to get the greatest revenge on the man who broke my heart, left it shattered, and couldn’t have cared any less.
Everything went as planned, it was perfect. We went back to his place, him reeking of alcohol and Armani Code cologne, which I had given to the cheater. He stumbled into his bedroom, taking me down with him, as I found a t-shirt and basket ball shorts for him to change into. I gave them to him and found myself something to wear. I heard a huge bang coming from the bathroom where he was getting dressed, so I ran in to see what had happened. He was laid out across the floor sleeping. I dragged him into the room, tried to pull him up, woke him up and told him to get into the bed. We got in the bed as he slept there, as I wander in the bed awake as the night drags on. As I sit there, wondering about everything the one question I kept asking myself was “What did I do that would make him want to cheat on me?” What I did to him, I have of no idea, because I didn’t do anything wrong to him. As the night goes on, the best friend, moving all around, turns his body to face me, wraps his arms around me, and rests his head on my chest. He is so much softer and sweet than he whose name should not be mentioned. I liked that. But wait, I couldn’t fall for this guy. He was my key into the sweetest revenge of all time. I was not to be distracted by another babbling piece of dirt.
We woke up, or should I say he woke up, the next morning, wondering what in the world happened last night. He gave this look, the same look the player gave me before he ripped my world apart. Could he actually be falling in love with me? This is not how I predicted the predicament to work out. Well I guess I was the heartbreaker too, but oh well. Other people need to feel this way too.

After we decided to keep going on with this so called “relationship”, we went out into the kitchen and he made be breakfast. Surprisingly so, the mutt walks in with breakfast for three. How in the world did he know that there was a third person much less me? I know he knew it was me because he bought my favorite breakfast cereal, which he hated. I cannot believe this. How could these not affect him? I spent the night at his place, after we split, with his best friend, for crying out loud. I never could really understand him. I couldn’t believe this, therefore the lovey dovey cuddly stuff needed to come out. The baboon’s best friend and I decided to stay at the apartment all day, lounging on the couch, cuddling and watching movies. The “it” also stayed with us all day. He stayed content all day until I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled him aside and asked him how could he sit through this and not be angry or mad? In my head I was thinking that he never wanted to be with me at all. He told me that, he has never seen his friend as happy as he is now. I gave him a shrewd okay, and stomped away. My perfect plan had failed.

I now wanted more revenge on that boy, that it was dangerous for him. He should have never brought us that breakfast and put up with me and his best friend. He will soon remember... Revenge is bliss.
The best friend would call me day after day after day, with no answer on my behalf. How could I tell him that I was using him for revenge on his best friend? It was simply unethical to tell him such blasphemy. Never.
Days later, my phone rang, the caller I.D. said it was the idiot, so I answered. He had tricked me. His best friend was on the phone, not him. This made me absolutely furious. I couldn’t believe that he had taken my heart and ripped it in two, and then fooled me. The best friend was just talking. He went on and on and on and on. This was starting to grab me by the hand and dig into my layers of skin. Each foul word that came out of this, so to speak, “man’s” mouth made my fist clinch tighter and tighter. I had to hang up. I was about to scream over his measly little voice. He too soon would also realize… Revenge is bliss.
Thus, the revenge must be taken into action soon. My blood had been raging with hate and mass confusion. I was dangerously furious. I probably would have been scared of myself if I weren’t so set on making the dirt bag pay for the pain he put me through. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but it would be painful, hurtful, and embarrassing.
As I started to cool down, I went over to their apartment. Ready to apologize, I gently knocked on the door. I didn’t want to sound mad. I wanted to be let in. The best friend had opened the door. Neither one of them had thought in their stupid little minds that it was me at the front door of their so called “humble abode.” As soon as the door swung open. I could see my old true love, dressed in the same clothes he wore the night of his crime against my heart. I knew where he was headed. He had now pushed me over the edge. He didn’t deserve to do ANYTHING.
I grabbed the closest knife I could see and headed straight for him. It sliced straight into the outer thigh of his right leg. As the best friend tried to grab me from behind, I was thrashing the knife at him, missing at each and every shot. The bleeding idiot limped to the phone and called the police on me. I could hear him telling them that I need mental help. That’s what hurt the most out this entire experience.
The best friend somehow had greased the knife right out of my hands. My ex lover had stumbled in to the bathroom, grabbing everything that I could hurt anyone with. I could see the hurt in his eyes, and I hoped he could see the heartbreak in mine, I saw it in his. They had thrust and locked me in the bathroom. I hit my head on the sink. I laid still.
I wake up, completely confused as to where I was, what I was wearing, what was the date, I couldn’t open my eyes all the way, I don’t know why. I asked around at the people, dressed in scrubs, where I was, what date today was, and what was I doing in such a strange place. I soon realized I was strapped to a bed, just tight enough to restrain limb movements without pain. The only thing anyone would say was, “You’re going to be okay, you will be happy here. Don’t worry about anything. We are here to take care of you.” Again I asked her what the date was. she said it was April 26th 2011. I had been out for so long. I asked her what happened to the two men that damned me in heartbreak and anger. She told me to answer for myself. At first I thought she was just being sarcastic, and then I looked next to my bed, there he was, the one that I had incarcerated with my hatred, and a knife, sleeping in what seemed as the most uncomfortable chair manufactured in the United States. She told me that since I was put in the facility, he had not left my side. He woke up from the noise of the lady leave the room. He saw that I had finally woken up, jumped out of his chair and came right o my bedside. I said that I was sorry, although my voice was as weak and my limp body, and asked him how he was feeling. He was fine, he had one stitch. I couldn’t believe that I had done that to him. I asked him if he could tell me where I was, he just looked at me and started to cry. I didn’t know what was wrong, but it had to be something major, I had never seen him cry before. He told me that one, when I hit my head on the toilet, I feel hard on my back and broke some ribs. Then two, while I was asleep, he had me tested for and mental illnesses. He was the one to break it to me that I was a paranoid freak.
I started to not be able to breathe, I tried to tell him but I could speak. I guess he started to realize I was going back to sleep, told me that he never stopped loving me. He told me he was about to move for work and didn’t want me to have to pick up everything and leave with him. He wanted me all the time. He told me that the night after the incident that he called his boss and gave up his promotion. He was going to stay with me and help me get over my paranoia. He kissed me on the lips. I was coming to the realization. Right before I feel back asleep, I realized, I was in a mental rehabilitation center.

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