A Deadly Secret

February 10, 2011
By karissa109 BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
karissa109 BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
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I can’t believe what just happened! It all went by in a flash, a matter of minutes and now its over. It’s all over….. And I don’t know what to do! The memory keeps replaying in my mind, stuck on repeat. Images are stuck vividly in my eyes, its all I can see….all I can think about. But I can’t stop Katherine, she’s too powerful…..
I remember sitting at lunch before it all happened. Damon, Lila and I happily conversing like it were any other day. As always, I kept my feelings to myself, not letting them show. Lila is so happy now that she’s with Damon, she loves him, I can tell…. Nevertheless, she doesn’t love me, and now she never will. It is all because of Katherine and her jealousy, she hated Lila. I watched Katherine as she slithered by our table, Lila and Damon stuck in deep conversation, too oblivious to their surroundings. Katherine quickly poured something into Lila’s drink, and then shot me a look that could kill, eyes like daggers. After that, she disappeared, as if nothing happened. I was so focused on Katherine, that I didn’t see Lila take a sip of her drink, until it was too late…. She was poisoned, murdered, and now she’s gone, and I can’t bring her back……


He’s mine now, all mine. Lila is out of my way and now I have Damon all to myself. This is the way it was supposed to be, just like old times. Just like before Lila moved to this town and stole Damon from me. She should have regretted the day she interfered with my life. I envied her ever since the first day she arrived here, she was absolutely perfect. She had long blonde hair and was beautiful from head to toe. She stole Damon from me, but I no longer have to worry about her. She may have been pretty, but I am smarter. I have been secretly plotting my plan for months. As an expert at chemistry, I blended a fatal poison. Nobody even saw me at lunch, except stupid Simon. Even he had eyes for her, but not anymore. I left him a little message warning him of my knowledge. If he tells even a single sole, he will surely be dead too. I can easily frame him for murder. He is the jealous friend who snapped because Lila does not love him. If she can’t live with him, she shouldn’t live at all.

My memory is such a blur, my mind is so fuzzy. All I can remember is eating lunch with Simon and Damon, just like I do everyday, nothing out of the ordinary. Damon and I were talking about our plans for Prom. We will look so great together. I can’t imagine what would happen if we became prom King and Queen. That would be perfect! I just moved to this town and I can’t believe how well I’m fitting in… Then I took a sip of my lemonade, and Simon started screaming and waving his arms. Damon started looking at me funny, I think, he looked worried. In an instant, everything faded to black, and I fell into a deep sleep… The problem is I never woke up… I think I’m dead! I don’t know how this could have happened… Was I murdered? But who? Who would do this to me? Why would anybody do this to me? I’m so confused…

I can’t believe this! Lila’s dead! She cannot be dead! How could someone do this to her? She’s never harmed anybody. Lila was the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She was beautiful inside and outside. I remember the first day I met her. She was gorgeous, especially her bright blue eyes, and her smile could light an entire room… I wonder if Simon knew about this before it happened? He was screaming at Lila before she died. He must have known something was going to happen to her. But how? If he knew, why didn’t he say something before? Simon must know who killed Lila! I have to go talk to him! We can go to the police together, and arrest the jerk who murdered Lila. Whoever killed her deserves to be in jail for an eternity! However, convicting a psychopath won’t bring Lila back. She’s gone forever…

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