Closing Time

February 9, 2011
By Jasmine1782 SILVER, Ida Grove, Iowa
Jasmine1782 SILVER, Ida Grove, Iowa
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It was an hour until closing time and I felt a lump in my throat and a painful pit in my stomach. I knew something was going to happen, something bad. I’ve had this feeling before. I didn’t like it, not one bit. The time seemed as if it were going by very slowly. Soon enough, there was only half an hour until closing time. At this time, the lump in my throat felt as if it were getting bigger, as if it weren’t going to let me breathe. The oh-so painful pit in my stomach became even more painful.

I work at a gas station and not very many people come in around eleven o’clock at night. I walked outside to take the trash out to the dumpster, the putrid odor had filled the gas station and it was revolting. I saw a car in the distance, it wasn’t moving. It was just sitting there. I didn’t see anybody either.

I went back inside and called the police to go check it out just in case. Deputy Grover said he’d come to the gas station and talk to me, and then he’d go check out this mysterious vehicle. As soon as I hung up with Deputy Grover the phone started ringing, almost instantly. I cautiously answered.

“Hello? Casey’s Gas Station.” I said in a quivering voice. No one answered. All I could here was deep breathing. I asked if anyone was there and kept saying hello. It seemed as if every time I spoke the breathing got louder and deeper. It sounded as if someone was running. I hung up and called Deputy Grover to tell him to hurry up and get out there.

Minutes later, the door bust open. I felt relieved, and then when I turned around, my heart sank deep into my stomach. There was a creepy old man with a wicked smile staring back at me. I was terrified… I peered out the front windows, but there weren’t any cars. I kept peering out the windows hoping to see a police car pull up but nothing happened.

“Waiting for someone, Mindy?” The stranger said.

“H… How do you know my name?” I demanded to know.

“Hmm. It’s a shame you don’t remember me…” He laughed a very mystifying laugh. I suddenly knew who it was.

“Oh my goodness, Eugene?” Eugene was a creep. He lived a few houses down from me. He asked me out in seventh grade but I was sure he’d turn to be a killer.

“Remember what you said you thought I’d turn out to be? Well you were right… I’ve spent ten years looking for you, Mindy. You’re my first.” He grinned this very asinine smile. I was so shocked.

“What do you mean?” I asked, I thought maybe if I stalled Deputy Grover would get here before he has the chance to kill me.

“You said you wouldn’t date me because you thought for sure I’d turn out to be a killer.” I was petrified. I can’t believe he spent all this time just because one person turned him down.

“Eugene, you’re being silly. I was in seventh grade, I thought everyone was a creep.” I knew it was a bad idea to say that. He looked even more irritated than anything.

“Oh Mindy... you’d think you’d know that you shouldn’t aggravate a person who wants to kill you.” I knew at this point something had to be done. Since my hands were already behind me, I took my phone out of my back pocket and dialed Deputy Grover’s’ number. I knew I couldn’t talk to him but maybe he’d get out here faster if he heard what was being said.

“I’m sorry, Eugene. Please don’t do this, I’m married and have children!”

“Mindy, all I asked for is one date. You denied, now you’ll pay the price.”

“Eugene! Stop! I’ll go out on one date with you, just please don’t kill me!” At this time, you could here sirens.

“What did you do?” He screamed at me.

“N… Nothing! I swear!” He looked very irate! Deputy Grover and his squad quickly pulled up and jumped out of their vehicles, armed. Eugene grabbed me by the neck and told the police if they took one step closer he’d kill me. Eugene was too distracted and too loud to hear that the back door had opened. Deputy Grover shot Eugene in the back of the leg. I was dropped to the floor so I ran outside as fast as I could.

Eugene had warrants out for his arrest in the first place, attempted murder wasn’t going to help him any, right now, he’s serving 50 years to life, no parole.

I was so traumatized by what had happened that I have never closed at work again… It’s been five years now but I still relive that moment every day of my life.

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