One night in London

February 5, 2011
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It was a cold night and I was hurrying home. I knew that it would rain soon and did not want to catch a cold from the long walk home. While the sun never shines in London, the clouds darken and give the city an eerie feel. I quickened my pace to get home before the first rain then something caught my eye. As I crossed the Thames a few blocks from home I saw some fog. This was not uncommon except it was somehow barricaded at the bank of the river. As I made my way to the apex and the fog vanished around me. I swung my lantern three times and the sooner appeared. It was just a shell of rotting wood. It had no motor or sail but is still propelled by some ghostly power. It sails toward me and as I was about to run when the city vanishes. As I looked at the boat creaking towards me I saw the water had turned into a green acid that was now bubbling like it was excited about swallowing me up. The bridge start to collapse brick by brick, but the remnants of what used to be a bridge stayed suspended in the air. As the platform shrunk my mind raced. There was nowhere to run and only two options; fall into the acid river to certain death or jump into the rickety boat only to be whisked away to somewhere strange or possibly terrifying. As the last stones fell I leaped to the safety of the boat. As the boat rocks along I began to feel hazy. It was as if the mist around me was a sleeping powder, and then I was asleep. I woke up into an abyss of black. It was so dark I might as well have had my eyes closed. The only reason I did not is because of a faint light seems miles away. Since there was nothing else to do I start walking towards the light. After what felt like days, I arrive at the light. Even from a few feet away, it was only the size of volleyball. As I reached out to touch it, I felt a pain like every nerve was sending 100 volts up my spine, and I black out. As I woke up I realize I was in a bed, my bed. It must have just been a dream. But to this day, I have never found my lantern.

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