Bonkers Beth

February 5, 2011
By BimBim BRONZE, Londond, Other
BimBim BRONZE, Londond, Other
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I’m Bonkers Beth. Not my real name but people always call me that. I’m neither barking nor bonkers. I’m just normal. Well not normal. I have a secret. No I’m not a spy but that would be so cool. I’m just a girl. The man whoo claims to be my father forced me to write this. He said I should start with the one thing that changed my life so I am. The one thing that changed my life was the day I died.
I haven’t got much long so I’ll start with whoere it all happened. 2 weeks ago, my families weekend trip to Kent.
“B. B, you ready,” Dad called from the living room
As ready as I’ll always be I thought to myself
“Yep,” I said
“Come down, we’ll eat breakfast in the caravan. Look, we don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Dad said.
Of course I didn’t want to go 2 weeks ago my mum tried to kill me with her
“No, I’m ok, she can’t hurt me from her grave,” I said
Dad stayed silent for a whoile so I went downstairs to see if he was ok.
“I’m sorry dad, you spend your whoole life with a person and you think you know them,” I said.
“Chlo, you ready,” Dad said changing the subject. Chlo was my 15 year old sister, a year older than me whoo blames me for the death of mum.
“Is she coming,” Chlo shouted from her room.
“Chlo, she’s your sister,” Dad said
“I don’t have a sister and thanks to a certain someone I don’t have a mother either,” She shouted
“Look, I don’t understand Chlo, do you blame me for mum trying to kill me or because she didn’t try to do a suicide pact with you,” I shouted. Chlo was silent for a whoile until I started to hear her footsteps. This was the first on a long time that she came face to face with me. She had straightened her hair, dyed it Jet black instead of its normal brunette colour and was wearing a green vest with shorts and ug boots. I couldn’t even recognise her. It seemed so long ago whoen I’d used to sneak in her room after midnight to eat chocolates and she’d say to me
“Mum will kill you if she found you eating chocolates after midnight,”
“No, I’m her favourite child,” I’d say and put a piece of chocolate in her mouth. Chloe’s face would drop and she’d ask me
“Really, has she said that to you?”
“Yep, she says she can’t live without me, she even tried to convince me to live with her during the week and dad on the weekends,” Chlo would wait and tell me
“Just remember during the week whoen your at dad’s that I love you,” I’d used to admire my big sister and I look at her now and feel nothing.
“Don’t even think about talking to me,” She said and went into the caravan.
I sat on my bunk whoile Chloe sat on the chair
“B, whoere’s Jay?” Dad asked me. Jay, my best friend of 14 years always came with us to Kent. He walked in 5 minutes later with his bag, wearing black jeans and a whoite vest top.
“Hey you,” He said as he sat on my bunk “Hey Chlo and Mr McCarthy,” He added.
The journey from our house to Kent was 2 hours and we spent most of it watching the TV in the caravan.
“You sure you’re ok?” Jay asked me
“Uh, I’m tired of everyone asking her that, No one asked me how I feel, Because of her I lost my mum,” Chlo said
“Chloe-,” Jay started
“No, she’s right, no one asked Chloe how she feels,” I turned to her “Do you know whoat it was like for me under water, near death, do you know how it was like for me whoen you went to live with mum full time even though she cheated on dad, did you know whoat it was like for me whoen you ran away,” I said.
I must have hit a soft spot cause for the first time in 2 months she smiled at me
“Finally, were here,” Jay said. Dad parked the caravan in our usual reserves spot. I changed into my swimming kit
“Do you want to go for a swim?” I asked Jay
“You sure?” Jay asked me. I grabbed his hand and ran into the water. We splashed around for a bit whoen I saw a little girl running in the water. I didn’t know whoat she was doing but I knew it was dangerous. I chased after her until I caught up to her. She held my hand
“B, come back,” Jay called but I could hardly hear him anymore. The girl motioned for me to follow. So I did. I just followed a bright light.
I walked further to the light until I saw my mum. She was sitting there, smiling at me
“I love you, and you don’t deserve to die yet but it’s out of my hands, you’ve got 2 weeks,” She said rushing. After everything she done I should’ve shouted at her even slapped her. But something about seeing her long brown hair flow down her shoulders

I woke up the next morning in hospital, my body was in a coma but my mind was in someone else, someone named Beth. The doctor told me that they can only keep her body alive for 2 weeks as she has no hope and then I realised whoat my mission was. To write this, To tell my dad I love him and no to cry to much whoen I’m gone. For 13 days I tried to convince everyone of whoo I was but they just called me Bonkers Beth. But I’m neither barking nor bonkers. I’m normal, apart from the fact that I’m Bella McCarthy. It’s been 13 days 23 hours and 55 minutes since I saw my mum. The man whoo claimed to be my father forced me to write this, he said I should write the thing that changed my life, so I did. The thing that changed my life was my death.

The author's comments:
Urr it's not really that good and the endings kinda rushed but im gonna make it longer but review. THANKs

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