The Night Stalker Part I

January 28, 2011
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I never thought that any harm would come upon my friend. Her name was Emily and for some reason everyone loved her, she was the one that knew about everything on any date in history and could tell you any mathematical problem that the human mind could come up with.
Naturally, I care for my friends, especially Edward Wilson, but today I found myself looking at the headlines of the local newspaper in shock.


And now here I was, sitting in my old friend’s apartment, waiting for everything to unfold. I never knew of a problem that Edward couldn’t solve. He was the modern day Sherlock Holmes except he wore a dirty old brown hat with a red feather within the brim. Smoke filled his apartment as I entered that one evening. Stepping into the kitchen, I found that the microwave was missing and in its place was a pile of chard ash.
“Ah, hello my dear.” My friend greeted, with a smile, “How are you this fine morning?”
Smiling, I nodded.
“I am not well” I confessed.
“What is the matter?”
Holding up the newspaper article, I motioned to the lovely picture of my friend.
“I never thought that she would disappear.” I told him.
Nodding, Edward took the newspaper and began to read. After a few minutes, he placed the newspaper down and went to the window. Thrusting the window open, he allowed the warm spring air to take the smoke out of his apartment.
“Who wrote that article?” He asked me.
Picking up the article, I looked at the author.
“His name is Samuel King.” I responded.
Another nod.
“What did he write about the police chief?”
“It says ‘the chief, who was very nervous for his daughter, told reporters that he believes that his daughter was taken by her boyfriend…’”
Looking up, I saw Edward bring out a large map of London. Peering deeply at the map, he placed his finger on a particular spot.
“If she went missing at this spot” He concluded, then the alarm was raised a few minutes later, the kidnapper couldn’t have just walked or drive her out of the city. The kidnapper would have to have gone somewhere else to hide her until the coast was clear.”
Walking over to a bookshelf, he picked up a red marker and traveled back to the map.
“While I’m doing this” He asked, “Would you read me the report?”
I nodded and began.
“Today, police have discovered the disappearance of Emily Barton, the daughter of police Chief Barton. Police have been searching the scene for sometime and have now determined that the young girl’s boyfriend had taken her. The police chief, who was very nervous for his daughter, told reporters that he believes that his daughter was taken by her boyfriend, Timothy Poplar of London. Still, the police are searching for young Emily and hoping for the best.”
Looking up, I saw that Edward had placed three red dots on the map along with three large circles.
“What is that?” I asked.
“This is my map solution” He explained, “This is a formula to determine where young Emily is. You see, the kidnapper couldn’t have gotten far if he had kidnapped her near a park or near his or her house. But, the question is where is the man?”
Sitting back in large lazy boy chair, Edward suddenly shot up and began to cough.
“Let’s get out of here before we die of smoke inhaling.” He suggested.
A few moments later, he and I were walking out along the empty streets of Baker Street, where he had moved due to a cheaper price on his apartment here. Walking along, he often stopped and looked around to see that we were alone.
“What is the matter?” I asked.
“I have a feeling that we are not alone.” He said.
Shrugging his shoulders, Edward walked on. Soon, we came upon a crossroad, where he led me across the street. As soon as we came to the other side of the road, he stopped.
“We’re being followed” He informed me.
Looking back, I saw nothing. Suddenly, something moved in the shadows.
“Who’s there?” Edward called out.
A few people came to their windows and peered out to see who was making such ruckus. Quickening his pace, Edward dodged into a doorway and pulled me next to him.
“Stay absolutely still.” He told me.
Soon, we heard the running of footsteps as a large man wearing a black trench coat rushed by us. Stepping out, Edward watched as the man turned the corner.
“Come!” He beckoned me.
Suddenly, the man appeared again, this time I saw his face…it was the police chief.
“Edward!” I called, “It’s Chief Barton!”
Edward turned around and smiled.
“Ah, Barton” Edward spoke, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you, I hope you’ll forgive me from running from you.”
The chief smiled and nodded.
“You always had a habit of sensing people following you” The chief commented, “But, I must ask something very grave of you…”
“…I’ll help you find your daughter” Edward said.
Tears were now pouring down the chief’s eyes as he looked at both of us.
“I’ll help you, too.” I offer.
Edward shook his head as the chief smiled.
“Thank you” The chief said.
Edward looked at the chief with a stern look.
“I know that we can find her boyfriend and get her back…” the chief started.
“Wait” I asked, “She had a boyfriend?”
He nodded as Edward shook his head.
“She didn’t have a boyfriend” Edward said, “There is no Timothy Poplar.”
The chief looked at us and then around.
“I think we’re being followed.” He said, “Here’ I’ll meet you here at nine O’ clock tonight, okay?”
With that, he was off. No sooner did he leave, a pedestrian walked by and accidentally bumped into my arm.
“Excuse me, ma’am” The pedestrian said, before walking off. Looking at Edward, I saw that he was wroth with me.
“What?” I asked.
Shaking his head, he walked off.
“Come, Jenny.” He said.
Walking back to his house, I watched as he ran straight up to his room and then come back down, holding an antique pistol.
“Never do that again.” He instructed me.
Looking at him, I felt my blood boil.
“She’s my friend!” I seethed, “I want to find her, me! Anyways, you didn’t seem too happy to see the chief.”
“I have my reasons…”
“Look, Edward, I am your friend and the reason I am always coming to you is to break free of my life at home so please, let me help you.”
He nodded and looked at his watched.
“It’s seven.” He said.
Rubbing my tummy, I looked around.
“I’m going to get something to eat” I told him, “Do you want to come?”
He shook his head.
“I need to clean up my place” He explained, “But, I will meet you here at eight?”
Turning around, we parted ways as I strolled towards the local restaurant. Suddenly, I felt a hand over my mouth and a voice in my ear.
“I am the night stalker, Jenny.”
I tried to scream but a hand blocked my mouth. Suddenly, my world began to spin as I heard Edward scream.
Then, everything went black.

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