January 28, 2011
By batmanfreakk SILVER, Valparasio, Indiana
batmanfreakk SILVER, Valparasio, Indiana
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This isn't a fairy tale or some book, it's reality.

There's a scream coming from outside my window. It's always been very faint, almost a hum in the icy wind. But tonight, it's louder. It pierces through my veins and straight through my thoughts; intersecting my stress for the first day of school tomorrow. I think I see things... Rather, hallucinate. It's always very vivid. They've grown worse as I've gotten older, along with scents, that no one around me seems to smell. People have always thought there was something odd about me. I brushed it off as, "hey, I'm different".
My "hallucinations" follow me in my dreams and I'm always afraid to fall asleep.
It's two in the morning and I hear the scream again. I climb out of bed, my hands shaking while I make my way to the window. My family isn't very fancy, so I just have some regular white blinds. The scream soars through my ears again, along with light scratches at the glass.
Standing in front of my window, I breathe slowly in and out, balling my hands into fists, willing them to stop shaking. I bring my right hand to my blinds and peak through them; and he's there. His gleaming green eyes staring back at me. I hear, "run" in a deep, dark, husky voice. Letting out a rippling scream, I collapse to the floor on defeat. My older brother, Jake, bursts through the door with a bat.
"Amber!" he shouts to me.
I let tears stream down my cheeks.
"Was it him again?" he asks me, full of worry and concern.
I only nod, not willing to speak. Jake wraps his arms around me and I tremble under his warm touch.

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