Run! Fast! Just Run!

January 28, 2011
By Quinney-Bear SILVER, Porter, Indiana
Quinney-Bear SILVER, Porter, Indiana
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"It was almost midnight, on Halloween we just toilet-papered her ex's house. We were joking around and then it there was a silence. But then we herd fast approaching  footsteps. We looked back an ran! I was always faster and soon she fell behind. I herd a scream it sounded like her but I just couldn't look back!  I just kept running! I don't know when they stated but I'm crying now! I don't know where I am !" The girl was talking very fast now so I tell her, "Slow down . Calm down. Every thing is alright." She looks at me. Panic is still in her eyes, but now there is something more I think it is confusion. Then she said ,"And then everything went black. How can I forget Doctor?"

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