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Don't Go Outside

January 31, 2011
By imagleek23 BRONZE, Los Altos, California
imagleek23 BRONZE, Los Altos, California
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"Hello?" Obviously, no one was home, but Vera knew she’d heard a noise. She crept out into her backyard to check. 'uh- is anyone here?" She heard another noise. It was some kind of growling, something that made her insides go cold. "Hello?"
"Hello." Someone growled. Vera turned around and screamed.

"Who knows what's in our food nowadays? Up next, Vera Springfield, 13, was abducted from her home in Phoenix, Arizona. More on that after the break." Jenny Harrison got up from her chair and went over to her manager, Larry. "So, what's the story with the missing girl?"
"Her parents came home to find her gone," Larry said. "They searched everywhere, and when she didn't come home later they called the police." Jenny nodded and opened the door to her dressing room. "So did they get a ransom note? Or are they offering an award?" She rifled through the newspaper to see what she could find. "Last I heard, they're offering ten thousand dollars," Larry said. Jenny looked at him. "End the show, Larry. I'm going on a news hunt."
Jenny rang the bell of the Springfield house and heard running footseps. A few seconds later the door was opened and two brown eyes were staring at Jenny. "Get out of here," the girl said. "It's not safe." She slammed the door in Jenny's face. A few seconds later, a car pulled out of the large garage next to her. The car turned and drove, its brakes squealing, far away from the house. Somehow Jenny knew that they would not be coming back. She quietly turned the knob on the door, and, ignoring the chill that that went down her back, stepped into the house.
Once in the house, Jenny began to search the kitchen and dining room for anything suspicious. When she did not find anything, she decided to check the windows. It was then that she noticed the open door. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she took a step towards it. Suddenly, a gust of wind ran through her, and she heard voices, speaking in unison. "Don't go outside..." they whispered. "Don't go outside..." Jenny resisted the urge to turn and bolt, and took another experimental step towards the door. This time, the voices nearly knocked her over, speaking urgently, frightened. Jenny shivered involuntarily and debated whether to continue outside. In the end, she convinced herself that she was making it up, and proceeded to grab the doorknob, ignoring the still urgent voices. As soon as she stepped out onto the welcome mat, the voices were silenet. Looking around wildly, she stumbled the rest of her way outside, and what she saw took her breath away.
A young girl, probably in her teens, sat sobbing in the middle of the yard. Her face was distressed, but what Jenny noticed was that she looked just like a picture on her newscast. This was Vera Springfield. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jenny walked over to the girl and put her hand out. The girl's head snapped up, and she drew in a sharp breath.
"Don't worry," Jenny said soothingly. "You can come with me, I'll help you." Vera was just reaching out to take her hand, when another gust of wind went through Jenny. The girl moaned.
"He's here!" she cried.
"Who's here?" Jenny asked wildly. The voices were hitting her harder now, each of them stronger than before. "We told you..." "Don't go outside..." "He's here!" "Who's here?" she asked again. Vera moaned again, pointing up over Jenny's shoulder. Then, to Jenny's horror, she disappeared. Jenny felt ice cold fingers along her spine, and she whipped around. She gasped, opening her mouth to scream, as she felt the ice cold fingers close around her neck. But it was too late.

Larry Thompson quickly ended the show, his mind turning over in his head. It had been only two days since his manager had gone missing, and, though the Springfield house had been searched, she hadn't been found. He couldn't shake the feeling, however, that she was somewhere there. As soon as the people had gotten out of his way, he walked over to his new assistant.
"I'm going out," he told her, grabbing his jacket. "I'll be back later." Seven minutes later, he pulled into the Springfield house driveway. Knowing no one would be there, he ducked under the caution tape and went inside. The air in the house was creepy, but he was not a superstitious man. He continued on into the next room, the kitchen, and called his manager's name halfheartedly. Then he searched the house, which looked like it had been vacant for years. Suddenly, a shiver ran through him, and for the first time he noticed a door that was open a crack. He went over to it, reaching out to grasp the handle.
"Don't go outside..." he heard a voice so strong that he covered his ears. Trying to ignore it (it must be a figment of his imagination!) he continued to open the door, and the voice faded. Resisting the urge to run, he stepped out onto the welcome mat, relieved to hear the voices go silent. Then he took another step.

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