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January 31, 2011
By JEnduro BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
JEnduro BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Days just suck sometimes. Maybe you didn’t get your homework done, or had some test or quiz you hadn’t prepared for. Hell, sometimes you are dangling off a cliff with a deranged serial killer about to murder you. Or is that just me? I should probably explain the WHOLE story first.
I’m just a (mostly) normal junior in a small town high school. This small town is a middle of nowhere hell-hole that I’m planning on leaving immediately after high school…if not sooner. I lead a pretty simple life, a really simple life to be honest. I get up, go to school, get made fun of half the day, and then go to lunch. At lunch, I sit with my best friend, and probably the prettiest girl in school, Jordan. I’m just going to say now, just so we have this info out of the way, I’m in love with her. Now don’t ask me why she is friends with me, hell if I know, or how she is single, I don’t freaking get that either, but apparently the jackasses at our school just don’t interest her.

So, I finish school for the day after 2 more hours of ‘roided jocks thinking they are superior to me ‘cause they can lift more than I can. Good for you, you’re also failing half your classes dumba**, just sayin’. I walk with Jordan to go home, the entire time wishing I had the guts to tell her how I feel, but, of course, I never say anything about it. After that, I head home, play some video games, eat dinner with my mom, and go back to playing video games till about 3 AM. Repeat cycle, go on till I graduate…which isn’t coming soon enough. On my weekends, I usually just sit at the cliff near the town and think about life, and occasionally suicide, depending on the mood I’m in at the time of course.
Oh, and a quick mention of current events, there was a serial killer out. This guy had murdered at least 15 people in the cities around us, and he has a bada** description I do believe. He was described as a tall, pale man with medium length black-hair and blue eyes as colder than ice. Maybe I’m demented for it, but I think he sounds awesome…for a killer I mean. So anyway, this weekend wasn’t really unlike any other. I made plans to hang out with Jordan on the cliff that Saturday, thinking I might actually tell her how I feel…though I probably wouldn’t.

So, I’m walking around town, about to head to the cliff a little bit early, to attempt to convince myself to tell her how I feel, and I see this guy walking around town, not being suspicious or anything. Still, for some reason, I did a double take when I saw him. He was a tall, pale adult with medium length black hair, and then our eyes met. Shivers went down my spine when I saw his eyes, colder than ice with no respect for life and an undying love for death. Yes, I got all that from one look, it was really kind of obvious I thought. Anyway, my eyes went wide as I realized who he was, and I started running. I expected him to not know the layout of the area, so I ran towards the cliff in an attempt to lose him, which failed, he followed me every step of the way, almost knowing exactly where I was going. As I reached the cliff, I was backed into a corner, and there was nothing I could possibly do. He taunted me and shouted, “Take one last step before you die!”

He pulled out a large combat knife and spun it around in his hands, laughing the entire time. I started to back away from him, slowly, and I ended up losing my footing and almost fell over the cliff, just barely grabbing the edge and saving myself. He started telling the story of how he first killed his girlfriend. She had p***ed him off, and he snapped, and he told me the most chilling details possible. “I must’ve stabbed her fifty f***ing times, I can’t believe it.” I was as good as dead. He started talking about how he was going to cut off my fingers one by one, and watch me fall all the way to my death.
Then I saw her. Jordan came out onto the cliff quietly and saw him. I was trying to avoid being over eager at that point, hoping she could save me. I saw her grab a large rock near her, and she crept behind the killer. She hit him in the back of the head with that rock, and I saw his eyes grow wide as he dropped his knife and fell off the cliff, to an obvious death, thought he was probably dead before he fell of the cliff. Jordan pulled me up onto the cliff, and explained how she had saw me dangling and saw him over me, so she hurried. I was half-heartedly paying attention, and the police arrived soon after to get our stories and everything.

All that time, I was just thinking about how I almost died, and I had no way to actually stop him. After the police left, Jordan gave me a hug and told me everything would be alright, and I just broke down. I was crying for several minutes, thankful but worried all at the same time, knowing I would never be the same from it. After all of this, I still didn’t have the guts to tell her how I felt about her, but we were closer over-all. I also got more respect from the people at my school.

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I wrote it, enjoy it? :D

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MissElliot said...
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that was really good.


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