Am I just crazy?

January 31, 2011
It was a cold and creepy night. I was coming home from work. I came into the house and there was dead silence. My family was no where to be found. Where could they be? Why didn't they tell me they were not going to be home? This was getting odd...
No one would pick up their phones, but yet I could hear their phones ringing. I was going insane. I decided to go to bed and sleep on it. They will be back soon. As I come into my bedroom, I saw they were all in there... DEAD!
Before I knew it, the police were at my house and I hadn’t even called them yet. They said I did it. Why would I kill my family?! This was a nightmare. This couldn’t be happening! Why is this happening to me? I know I didn’t do it, I think I would remember. They hauled me off to jail and I spent my night there in a cold dark cell crying in fear saying out loud over and over, “ Why is this happening, this can’t be happening! “
The morning after I woke up in my own room... I was confused, I was in jail last night. How could I be home? I walked down my stairs and I see my family eating breakfast. How can this be? They are dead and apparently “ I killed them “. It seemed so real last night. Did I have a dream or was I just crazy?
The day went on and it was great. The whole family spent the day together and then I had to leave for work. As I came home from work again, the house was quiet...again... They are all sleeping, I am assuming, so I will go to bed myself. As I walk into my room, I see my family dead in my room again! Why is my nightmare reoccurring?! Was this a sick joke?! Are they dead for real?! As a thousand questions were running through my brain, there came the flashing lights and sirens. Once again, I got taken away. This wasn’t fair. This time in the cell I kept screaming “ I didn’t do it! “ over and over till I got so exhausted.
The next morning I wake up in my own bedroom again. I am so confused why am I here, again? I don’t understand this at all. Again, as I was walking down the stairs I see all of them making breakfast. Why am I having the same dream over and over, I thought to myself. Was it really dream, or was I just living in insanity?
The day was perfect. The weather was beautiful and we all spent the day outside. Night time finally approached itself and before I knew it, it was time to take my shift at the restaurant. The shift was long and tiring. As I was walking home I saw a flashing lights in front of my house. When I came up to my house, I saw they were rolling out my family on gurneys. “ This is happening again?! “ I screamed in fear. The policemen grabbed me and cuffed me. I knew I didn't do it! I was innocent! Why does this nightmare keep happening?! As I sat in the cell I shouted “ I am innocent! “ over and over again.
This time the next morning I didn't wake up in my own bed... I woke up in a white room with nothing in it and I see myself strapped to a bed. I don’t understand... Why am I here? Why am I not finding my family alive again in my house? What is this place? I don’t think it was a dream this time... Maybe I was just crazy.

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Weepingwllow said...
Feb. 5, 2011 at 10:20 pm

That was very well written.:)


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