It's Time

January 30, 2011
By speech.write.crazy GOLD, Bailey, Colorado
speech.write.crazy GOLD, Bailey, Colorado
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The black figure lurked in the darkness of the bushes beside the quaint house in the quiet neighborhood. He made sure not to let the light flicker off the blade in his hand. He didn’t know whether he would use the dagger or the gun in his right pocket. He reached his hand into his pocket to make sure the pistol was there. He saw the straight, brown hair rest against her high cheek bones. A smile crossed her face, how he despised that smile. He almost pulled the trigger there, through the window. Time it was not he knew. His meticulous plan made him wait until the parents left. He stared at her smile. He couldn’t stop thinking about how it was the same, the same smile. Terror. He craved it. He wanted her bones to reek of it. Helpless. The look on her face when she finds out that there’s no escape. That’s what he lived for. When she would succumb to the bullet and cry out to deaf ears. He was ready. He heard the car pull out of the driveway as the parents took their youngest daughter to her play. A grin cut across his scarred face. It was almost time. He looked through the window again; he knew that he would have to do something about the friends. He scrutinized all five of them, the pathetic excuse Jordyn called friends. Happy. She was happy. The man knew that he would be happy as soon as Jordyn was obliterated. He was exhilarated by the thought of deleting her. He was her demise. He had to get them out of the house. Out into the world, into his playing field. He released the gun. His limbs started to move, unconscious almost. He headed for the door. It was time.

Jordyn couldn’t get the amicable smile to leave her face. She hadn’t been with all of her friends in a long time. She hoped that everything was going alright between Callista and Aiden, they tended to have a belligerent relationship. Jordyn glanced at her smiling sister, looks like everything’s turning out well, she thought. The Saturday played out through her mind, a perfect day. She wouldn’t mind if it was the last day on earth.

“Who wants to hear a creepy story?” Kara announced with her blonde curls jumping.

Just like Kara, she thought. Kara was a big fan of all scary stories, and she kept everyone on her toes. A half smirk crossed Jordyn’s face as she saw her older sister grimace at the question. Callista hated all scary stories. Jordyn always taunted her about bugs in her bed because she became craven whenever bugs were around. Jordyn stared as her sister’s eyes continued to grow as everyone sat down to listen. Jordyn gave a sympathetic look to Dylan who knew about Callista’s hate for creepy stories. He understood her intimation and winked at her.

“I have a better idea!” Dylan announced. “How about we…” He was cut off by the ring of the doorbell.

“I’ll be right back,” Jordyn said as she left to answer the door.

“Don’t die.” Nikki said with a laugh.

Jordyn felt very uneasy as she arrived at the front door.

Don’t let your mind get the better of you, she told herself.

“Hello?” Jordyn said as she opened the door. “Hello?” She questioned again, but no one was there. She stepped out onto the porch to try to see who was there, but not a soul was in sight.

That’s weird. She started to turn around when she saw a note nailed to the door:
It’s time

Her face was overtaken by puzzlement.

Time, there’s not enough time. Jordyn’s mind raced back to the day. She remembered the towers collapsing around her. Most of all she remembered seeing her best friend die.

The rip of the paper almost made Jordyn jump as she tore it from the door.

“What kind of a sick joke is this?” She declared as she slammed the door and rejoined her friends.

“What are you talking about?” Dylan walked over to her as he asked the question.

“This note on the door! Who put it there? ‘It’s time’ what is that even supposed to mean? Kara, this is not a cool prank.”

“Don’t yell Jordyn. I didn’t play any prank. I was with you guys the whole time.” Kara objected.

“Well someone did something, and I don’t appreciate it.” Jordyn was mad, but she didn’t know why she was angry.

“Just chill,” Aiden piped in. “Everything’s going to be al…” he stopped in the middle of his sentence as they heard a knock from the basement.

“Did you…?” Callista looked around the room, trying to get something besides head shakes from someone.

“Ok, ok. Someone’s probably just playing a joke or something.” Jordyn tried to comfort them as she attempted to control the fear from overtaking her mind.

Another tap came from the basement door.

“Is someone going to get it?” Aiden questioned.

“We’re totally going to go down to the locked basement and see who broke in and is tapping on the door. Great plan Aiden, great plan.” Nikki’s sarcastic tone almost nipped Aiden.

“Hey, listen!” Dylan stepped forward. “The tapping stopped.”

“This is just weird.” Jordyn sounded more confident than she felt. “Look, I’m going to get a glass of water, just stay here and calm down.” She tried to sound tepid about the situation.

She tripped as she tentatively stepped into the dark kitchen. Her face hit something wet on the floor.

“Are you ok?” Dylan asked as he rushed in after hearing her fall. He hit the light switch to see Jordyn lying in a puddle of blood. “Jordyn!”

“Ouch, what did I trip over?” Jordyn asked. “And what am I... is this blood?”

Jordyn jumped to her feet, only to trip over her dead dog again.

“Umm, Jordyn. I don’t think this is a joke anymore.” Jordyn looked on the wall where Dylan pointed with his mouth gaped. Blood, the words, It’s Time, were written with blood.

They both ran into the family room where their friends were. They all stared at Jordyn, who was now soaked in blood.

“What happened?” Callista asked as she was frozen in place.

“He’s in the house…” Jordyn’s voice shook.

“What are we still doing in here?” Kara said as she started heading for the door. “If the killers in the house then we’re all in jeopardy. We have a better chance out in the open. Come on guys, let’s go! And don’t separate!”

Everyone reluctantly followed; Unbeknownst to them, a smile creeped across a scarred face.

The bushes by the house moved. “He’s outside!” Callista whispered.

Aiden ran to the front door of the house. He pulled at the wood door, “It’s locked.”

Jordyn’s face went white.

“He wanted us outside the whole time.” Nikki squeaked.

“Don’t panic. We’re going to be ok.” Jordyn’s comfort landed on deaf ears.

There’s nothing we can do. Jordyn thought. Her mind raced back to that day. Her friend had said the same thing to her as they were buried in the rubble. She still smiled. Jordyn thought about her friend. Everyone had told them that they had the same benevolent smile.

“Shut up, Jordyn.” Kara said. “This always happens in the movies. They never panic, and they always end up dead. I’m not going to be the one to die. We need to get out of here.”

The bushes rustled violently.

They all ran warily as the darkness surrounded them. Jordyn fell behind. She wanted to be sure that her friends would make it. If he gets anyone, it’s going to be me. She promised herself.

Her friends disappeared behind a white van. Jordyn looked up at the old church now standing in front of her.

“This door’s open!” Aiden echoed.

The door squeaked as Aiden pushed. Everyone flooded inside the abandoned church. They found themselves in a long, unkempt hall. It smelt of molded wood, the red carpet had holes on each side, and some of the boards had fallen off the wall. Cracks in the ceiling exposed the sanctuary above.

“Let’s go in here!” Jordyn said as she opened the door on her left. She was overcome with fear as she jumped inside the room.

No one followed.

She couldn’t see anything inside the black corridor. She could almost make out a large antique chair in front of her. She lost all sense of direction. She no longer knew where the door was. The sound of a grandfather clock was the only sound she heard.


The door had locked. He’s in here, I know it. At least my friends are safe. She took a step forward. He was moving and she didn’t know where he was.


I’m going to die.

He seemed to be everywhere.

She knew what was going to happen. It was unfeasible to escape.

This is the meaning of fear.

She took in a breathe of the musty air.

The floor creaked in front of her as the killer stepped out of the shadows…

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