The Story Of Jaycee Marshall

January 29, 2011
By ox.Alia.xo BRONZE, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
ox.Alia.xo BRONZE, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
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Jaycee’s best friend is Lila. Jaycee accepts a strange request from a girl named Annabeth who lives in Dallas Texas like Jaycee and Lila. While Jaycee sleeps, Annabeth is tracking her down through hacking facebook. Jaycee chats with Annabeth online, and Annabeth says ‘I hope all your windows are locked’. Before Jaycee can respond, there is a loud crash downstairs. Jaycee hears footsteps downstairs, on the staircase, in the upstairs hallway….outside her bedroom door. She frantically screams, and her bedroom door opens. Before she knows it Jaycee is being shoved into a black van, and Lila is outside, arriving for the sleepover they had planned. Lila screams for Jaycee and dials 911. Lila explains everything to the operator, is shouting and crying, and is silenced by a gunshot. Lila was shot and is in the streets bleeding. Jaycee is tied to a metal bar in the back of the van, with the back doors open. Jaycee is forced to watch her best friend die before her very eyes. She can’t take her eyes off the blood on the asphalt. A mental picture of Lila’s blood is seeping into Jaycee’s soul and is trapped in her memory forever.

The author's comments:
This is only a small part of a story I want to write. I'm great at storyboards, but not so great at making it into a novel.

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