Peter Johnson & The Voices

January 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Crunch, Crunch. As Peter Quinsy Johnson was patrolling the Rose Lawn Cemetery in Gulf Breeze, Florida for grave robbers he heard the crunch of the dark orange and brown leaves crackle and crunch beneath his feet. Peter was 13 and 5’2’’ with medium length, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and the whitest teeth you can imagine. He lived in a small town called Navarre, Florida, better known as “Florida’s Best Kept Secret”, in a large neighborhood called Holley by the Sea. It was a crisp autumn night in October, after a week at Woodlawn Beach Middle School he was ready for the weekend. Tomorrow was Saturday so he could sleep in since he wanted to. But like he could actually sleep in. His parents were out of work so he has been doing odd jobs to make some money just so his family could get by. As he was circling the northern graves he heard a voice coming from a nearby grave.1

“Peter Johnson, step forward,” the voice moaned.2

Out of the grave rose a ghost dressed as a soldier from the Great Depression with long flowing hair to his shoulders.3

“Peter,” the voice moaned.” I am the great Colonel Guy Wyman, founder of your hometown of Navarre. I understand your predicament and would like to help you. At the stroke of midnight you must touch my grave marker. In return your dad will receive a job offer on the morrow. It is a rare, yet not unheard of job. From this job he will make much money doing next to nothing. Also a new home will be built atop the old bait shop near Navarre Park. Finally, you will receive a power that can better your life. Mull this over quickly for midnight is dawning and this is a one-time offer.”4

As Peter thought it over all he could see the pros. A new job so he could stop doing all these odd jobs. A new house which would be totally awesome. A power, not just any power but one to better his life. As Peter strode forward he touched the grave stone.5

“Colonel Guy Wyman, I accept your offer”.6

A flash of bright light and a surge of what felt like electricity hit Peter’s senses as he touched the gravestone. As he lay there soaking in what had just happened the ghost started to sink to the ground.7

“We will see one another soon enough Peter Johnson,” moaned the Colonel as he sank to the ground.8

Peter finished up his patrol then went home for a well deserved slumber.9

Early the next morning Peter woke up to the strong smell of eggs and bacon.10

“Wait, last time mom made breakfast was the day she got fired.” Peter thought to himself. Mrs. Johnson used to work with an insurance company. The boss called the house the morning she got fired and had told her to meet him in the office when she got there. She was fired for messing up people’s policies.11

Well sure enough there was his mom at the stove cooking. His mom was five and a half feet tall with pure blonde hair to her shoulders and yellowish teeth.12

“Hey Mom, what’s the occasion? I didn’t even we know we had eggs and bacon.” Peter asked his mother.13

“Your father has a new job. He has been talking with a company about a job for about a week and last night he got a call securing the job. I asked him what it was but he just said it was a surprise,” explained his mother.14

Just then his father walked in. He wasn’t dressed like he was going to work but fishing or something. He wore a vest with bulging pockets.15

“I wonder what is in there,” Peter asked himself.16

Aside from the vest he was wearing a black baseball cap over his short brown hair. A pair of aviator glasses was over his blue eyes.17

“You are going to work dressed like that. Way to make a good first impression. Put something decent on,” nagged Mrs. Johnson.18

“Uh….Um… Casual Friday,” stuttered Mr. Johnson.19

“It’s Saturday.”20

“Oh, look at the time well looks like I got to go. Bye.”21

As Mr. Johnson half walked, half ran out the door Peter thought he saw a bag of brown powder in a bag in his dad’s back pocket. It looked so familiar.22

Well it was Saturday so Peter decided to go check out his new house on top of the old bait shop. To his surprise it was actually tarped and like a square.23

“Must be a surprise with a cubed frame,” Peter told himself. “I might as well go and catch up on my sleep”24

Little did Peter know that instead of catching up on his sleep, the cops were catching up with him.25

When he got home he saw a detective car, two police cruisers and a K-9 squadron. When he walked in his mother was standing in the dining room looking worried.26

“Peter, this detective here would like to ask you some questions,” his mother spoke anxiously.27

Just then Peter noticed a third person in the room. He was a dark-skinned man with dark brown hair and a well built torso. 28

“Peter, I am Detective Davidson,” the man spoke in a deep voice.” I have a few questions for you about your father. Ok, question number one. Has your father been acting strange lately?”29

“Well I barely see him but this morning he seemed anxious to get out of the house.” Peter answered.30

“Ok, question number two.”31

Just then they were interrupted by a rather obese officer carrying a bag of brown powder.32

“Hey boss, found this in the husband’s closet,” spoke the officer as he brought the bag up to eye level.”33

“That looks just like the powder I saw in Dad’s pocket this morning.”As Peter thought this he remembered what is was,” It’s…” 34

“Weed,” spoke Detective Davidson finishing Peter’s thought. 35

“Well boss looks like you hit the nail on the head.” the officer spoke.36

Just then Mr. Johnson walked in the back door took one look around then sprinted out of the house. It was no big need for speed big car or running chase. The cop holding the weed grabbed him quickly and said, “Warren Johnson you are under arrest for possessing and distributing of illegal drugs.” As he was being handcuffed his glasses fell off revealing bloodshot eyes. He was using the weed too.37

“Dad,” Peter began. “Why Dad?”38

Mr. Johnson just looked away and was escorted to the police cruiser.39

“Well looks like we got the first inmate at that new jail near Navarre Park,” spoke Detective Davidson with a haughty tone.40

“The tarped building?” Peter asked. 41

“ Yes, sure enough. The one in Milton is full to the brim so they needed a new one” 42

“Ok.” Peter uttered.43

A new job, a new home.44

That night the voices started.45

First it was just one voice.46

“AAAAH!!!!!!NO, STOP, PLEASE NO!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” A voice shrieked in Peter’s ear. At least it felt like in was in his ear, however it was also in his mind. Then one voice turned to two then 4, then 20, soon it was like a million voices shrieking in his ear like they were being tortured. He had to get to the cemetery and ask the Colonel what was going on. 47

The moment his bike thudded to the ground in the cemetery the Colonel rose out of the grave.48

“ Aah, Peter Johnson, I knew you would be back soon,” the Colonel spoke,” you probably figured out the first part of my foretelling but you have neglected thinking about this power. Tomorrow you and your mother shall be evicted from your house because your father has not paid mortgage in a year. With your father in jail and yourself living on the streets you will feel that you needn’t go on living. This is where the power comes in. The voices in your head are those of the tortured souls. They will drive you insane put let you die a peaceful death. If you think about it, it was quite selfish of you to do this anyway. With your dad having a job YOU would benefit with more stuff and no more odd jobs. YOU would have a better house to live in. YOUR life would be bettered. Simply just selfish. However, I will see you in a short while anyway. See you then.”49

As the colonel sank to the ground Peter became still on the ground, and breathed his last breath. Peter Johnson had left the planet for good. Not long after, his mother died of a broken heart. They were buried next to one another, near the grave of Colonel Guy Wyman, their great-great-great grandfather.50

The author's comments:
A lot of it reminds me of myself.

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