Der Metzgermeister

January 29, 2011
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Suche gut gebauten 18-30 jährgen zu schlachten.

It all began in the small town of Sonne Germany, this story of which you are about to read. The late 1800's is when this tale is spun. The tale of the butcher who took the title of Der Metzgermeister from another. He will forever be remembered as such, and, those who know the story will know why he is remembered as such. Enjoy~

If you traveled to the town of Sonne while it was still alive you would have known two butchers. Der Metzgermeister, who's name was Wien, was the most popular and loved butcher of this small town. The other butcher who's name was Christoph was not well known and did not often get visitors. If things continued the way they were he would soon have to give up his sad little shop. This was grim news. The shop was the only thing that provided for Christoph. If things ended, well, he would have to pack up and move to another town. This may not sound so bad if you think about it. Perhaps he would get better business if he moved. But, the reason Christoph refused the move was because of a promise he made several years before. This town would be his grave.
One night upon pondering this situation, Christoph hatched an idea like no other. He simply would not be out done. So to Wien's shop he traveled in the dead of night. When entering he was careful not to wake. Wien slept in a room just beyond the curing meat. This is where Christoph traveled. His blade shone bright in the dim moonlight. Just before the cut he spoke one sentence: Die stumpfe klinge gut und recht. Der Metzgermeister's blood poured all around his bed. Yet another idea reached the depths of Christoph's mind. Why not sell this good meat? It was fresh and he needed to hide the body anyway. Into the grinder the many parts of Wien went. Let us see what shall happen once the morn comes.
People lined up at the shop, but no one came to let them in. Where had the butcher gone many wondered. They waited. He would be back soon. A day past. Yet no butcher came. Two days past. Soon to be three. Where had this town's butcher gone? People searched and searched for this poor man, yet none could find him. How would they get their meat?
Now, since Christoph's shop was on the edge of town, and also add the fact that he's not well known in this town, people practically had no idea where to get their meat. In fact many of them hoped Wien would return soon. However, eventually the townsfolk started to travel to Christoph's shop. Many believed that Der Metzgermeister wouldn't come back. Perhaps he'd died from a sickness caught from the meat. His shop laid abandoned.
One day a man going by the full name of Ich Versteheuch Nicht entered the shop. But the usual he did not buy. For the special meat instead he reached. Upon asking what was in it, Christoph replied: Weiche teile und duch harte. Not knowing what was meant by this, Ich simply paid and left. If only he had known that what he was soon to consume was the deceased butcher. Then maybe the murdered wouldn't have gone unpunished.
Upon awaking the next day, Ich ran straight for the butcher's shop. He waited at the door until it was opened. Christoph gladly gave him more of the special meat. This meat seemed so incredibly great Ich told the whole town of Sonne of it's existence. They lined up to see just how good this meat really was. By the next morning nearly everyone was waiting outside the shop. The townsfolk almost started a riot upon hearing that there was no more. Christoph had gotten perhaps his best idea yet. Why not get more of this meat. Business was so good, there was no way he could let it end now. He promised everyone that he would have more by tomorrow morning. This was perhaps the best thing that had ever happened to him. Oh, but how long would it last? He muttered endlessly in a happy tone: Du bist was du isst.
Once again Christoph crept in the dead of night. He had to get someone that would not be missed. For the widow's house he made. She lay in bed sleeping, but woke she did once Christoph came into the room. Die stumpfe klinge gut und recht. Her cry fell upon defend ears.
In the morning paper you can only guess what the headline read. In the biggest print of bold it read: Der speisekarte. Through all this town people wondered what could be in this meat of the butcher's. Now, in the very back in small print lengthened about one paragraph, was the article of the widow's disappearance. Christoph made that right choice in choosing. Indeed no one missed the old widow. If only her bones could be left to her husband. Maybe then she could rest.
One week from the day of the widow's murder 5 more people go down. Questions begin to erupt from the townsfolk. Within the next month you can guess that many more people went missing. What a terrible thing that was afoot. Who would be next? The town of Sonne had turned into a pit of fear. The only joy that could be found at this time came from the butcher's special meat.
Now that Christoph was the only butcher of the town, the townsfolk decided that the title had it's time with Wien. Now to Christoph it flowed. The title of Der Metzgermeister. Oh how he loved this title. Well fitting and true, yet, menacing in a way. The life once wished for was now lived. Nothing could wrong this, or could it? We shall see, for this tale has not yet found it's end.
Of the remaining townsfolk there was one man that stood out. His name was Zwei. The reason this man stood above the rest was because, as loyal as the customers were, he was perhaps the most. Not a day went by that this man did not purchase. This man Zwei was the best chef of this town. He needed the meat for a special meal. People can not help but say, Ist doch so gut gewürzt und so schön flambiert. This was not a particularly good thing. Though this man was the butcher's best customer, he was seen in the eyes of rivalry. Christoph could not bear the thought of another. Rid him he must.
The home of Zwei was the biggest of this small town. It had four bedrooms residing within the walls. To the luck of Christoph, Zwei was a lone man. No one would be around to hear the screams. Things seem to be going out of control. If things continue this course, the consequences could be dire.
Inside this abode cold leech-ed out for the warmth of man. Darkness flowed from all corners. Echoing footsteps all around. How this house could drain you. To the master bedroom he walked. Candlelight flickered below the border. So quiet heartbeats sounded as pounding fists. The door thrust open the Butcher found nothing but a lone candle. Hier kommt die sonne. Not yet ready to meet his end, Zwei found courage in a retaliation. Struggling for quite a while. This story can not happy end. Die stumpfe klinge gut und recht. As all seem to, Zwei was no exception.
The next morning brought a sense of ease for Christoph. You could say he was rather happy. But long lived this is not. You see, the situation went out of control. Only a handful of townsfolk remained in this place. Altogether they up and left right in the view of Christoph. All alone. He could not leave this place. This town would be his grave. A sign was placed above the door of the shop that day. Suche gut gebauten 18-30 jährgen zu schlachten.
For 50 years no one came across this town. It is now thought of as a ghost town. Not a very big tourist attraction. They say this place is cursed. For those who go, do not come back. Some say that if you get close enough to the outskirts of the town, you can hear laughing. A sad, yet unsettling laugh. They say it's the laugh of Der Metzgermeister. His story unknown to the world. Forgotten forever.

Well the tale has been spun. Hope you enjoyed. Oh, and one more thing. If you ever do hear of the small town of Sonne, don't go looking for it. After all, it could be more than just a story.

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