Pitch Black

January 22, 2011
By , pheonix, AZ
“Clash, clash" was the sound I heard from behind me. There was a sudden shiver that went up my spine. It was pitch black in my house on this cold dark Friday night. Then I heard my dog barking out side, a sudden shriek, and then there was no more bark. I ran to my parent’s bedroom to see my backyard from the top window. Before I look I had to decide was this a good decision. Could this bejustt some ordinary burglar or something a lot worse? Counting each step to the window, I became death itself, feeling no fear in my mind and no emotions in my heart. I looked and saw nothing; until, I looked to the far corner of my backyard and saw my dog butchered dead laying in the dirt. I was now totally freaked out, and then I heard the breaking of glass down stairs, I ran down stairs so fast that I began to loose control, stumbling on the last four steps landing face first on the floor. I stood up heard deep breathing behind me; I started quivering in my legs, because who ever this was is right behind me. Before I turned around I had a picture of my headjustt coming clear off. I counted to three in mind, one, two, three, I saw him he was about 10ft tall, and he was maybe five or eight feet away. In my kitchen starring at me; he was wearing some blue janitor jump suit with a white rubber mask. I starred at his pitch black eyes, for at least 30 seconds. I could see murder, evil, and fear combined in his eyes. Then his hand started motioning for the kitchen cutting knife. That was my queue to get the hell out of there I ran maybe five feet to get to the front door. When I suddenly felt what seemed like a truck hit me in the face, I fell into darkness.

Waking up maybe 10 minutes later I was being dragged by my right leg, I was so weak, I couldn’t struggle I had drowsy vision but I started recognizing where I was. I was behind my house in the dark alley way. I tried to struggle and get away but hejustt stopped and kicked me hard in my gut I felt like I was going to vomit all my in sides out how hard it was. So he picked me up over his shoulder and tossed me in to this down stairs basement. That was maybe 30 ft from my house; I landed 10ft down stairs from where he tossed me. Landing on my back and rolling down the stairs fell to the bottom stairs. I was in pain all over my body. I could tell I broke something Ijustt didn’t know what. I couldn’t move my right arm and my left leg. I lay there in agony; pain was sprouting through my arm and my left leg. He walked down and stepped over me and began to drag me by my left leg and I screamed it was so painful. I was asking him please stop, please don’t, I’m sorry, wondering what I had done to him, for him to do such things to me. I looked around and I was in some dark room. He picked me up over his shoulder again and placed me on this wooden table with straps, I could not see what was lying ahead for me. He pulled out a tray of surgery scissors, scalpels, and other sharp equipment. He strapped me down to the table. He pulled out a needle and thread and began to sue my lips together. I was in such nuinsane that I couldn’t scream any more Ijustt began to cry and knowing that I was not going to see my family again I began to go through some memories. Then he picked up a scalpel after he was done sewing my lips together that’s when out of no where I heard a huge bang at the door he through down the scalpel he had picked up, he stood up from where he was sitting and began to move toward the noise then out of no where a man jumped in the air firing four rounds into to my beloved killer that I began to know. The killer dropped to the floor like a log. It was a police officer, he got up off the floor and looked to check, if the killer was dead by checking his pulse he looked to me and said he’s dead. I was relieved the officer untied me and told me I was ok now. He got the scalpel and cut the thread from my lips, at the time I was still crying. He looked at me and told me that I was lucky, and that he was surprise that he had rescued me in time, I was the only victim that had ever survived. I heard the sound of ambulances out side. The officer carried me out side where I saw all these police officers come and put me on a stretcher. As I was being put into the ambulance I saw a detective go down into the killers cellar. Not more than five seconds later he came back up yelling that the killer was gone.

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advocate said...
Jan. 31, 2011 at 8:24 am
the submition of the article was not good, i had no errors in the rough draft, but reading it the computer made critical errors, by adding words together and making no sense out of certain sentences.
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