January 26, 2011
By Broseidon BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Broseidon BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Thursday June 3rd 2011, a boy is found dead on the street, bullet holes covering his body. The boy is 19 years old and was shot from behind seven times, three times in the head and four times in the back. He had a girlfriend, loving parents, and 2 little sisters. This boy’s name is… well I wouldn’t actually know because that wasn’t part of the assignment. No one notices me as I sit on top of the roof of the neighboring apartments watching the crowded scene of crying, cursing, and heartbroken acquaintances. Crows fly around the street of horror singing their songs of death right in front of the stupid humans who wouldn’t understand that the crows had foretold his falling before he died. This scene isn’t right for me anymore so I slip away from the roof back to the HOUSE. The HOUSE is where people like me get assignments, and our rewards for finishing our assignments. Pleased to meet you, I am 14 years old, my name is Se7en, and I am a professional sweeper.

Wednesday June 2nd 2011, Josh Stevenson walks around the streets of Seattle with no worries in the world. His life is perfect, his grades are perfect, his girlfriend is perfect, and his job is perfect. He is a professional sweeper. He makes $1,000,000 dollars for every assignment he completes that is given to him by the HOUSE. 47 perfect assignments only amounts to a small sum of 47 million dollars. None of his friends or family knows about this money or about his job. They never would expect perfect Josh would have such a disturbing hobby that if anyone found out they would have the answers to 47 unsolved homicides. Walking around Seattle Center he goes to buy some Ice Cream from a street vendor with his girlfriend. As they walk away with their cones, 2 muffled popping noises are heard and Josh is on the ground, blood leaving every part of his body, dead before he hits the ground. His girlfriend who was walking ahead of him doesn’t even notice him or the disappeared ice cream vendor. At this same moment $47 million are being transferred from Josh Stevenson’s personal account into Se7en’s.

Friday June 4th 2011, I walk to the HOUSE. Assignment “Cold and Tasty” was my 100th assignment completed. I had made a total of 1.4 billion dollars and now with my 100th completion I am able to get out of this H*** of a life. Well that’s at least what the card says when you first get taken into this game. I ask the “receptionist” to get into HOUSE. I show her my card and I am admitted into a slightly different room then I am used to. This is the room of the LITTLE BROTHER, the man who funds this “game” and who’s face is never seen. First I am congratulated about my amazing achievement, I am only the 13th person to complete the “game” and the first person to do it so well. I am told how it is time for me to finally get out of this h*** of a life that I have been thrust into by him. A large computer screen on the wall shows my profile and the funds I have made, it slowly starts deleting and I am so relieved. Every day not sure if you were going to die or be almost killed for 2 years takes a lot out of you. I never knew what freedom was until this moment in my life. Tears flow out of my eyes like a waterfall, and my heart feels heavy like it’s being pulled down to the ground. I look back to the LITTLE BROTHER, and my tears immediately stop and my heart halts. He is the most perfect looking person I had ever seen, and yet I was frozen with fear. He pulled out a long 6 foot scythe and black robes had replaced his Armani suit. I hear “I am a god of death and my job is to cleanse this world of evil. You fall into that category Mr. Sweeper. Time to… how did I put it? Get out of this h*** of a life”.

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I am currently playing a live action game in my school called assassin where you have a target and you are a target. Its safe fun and keeps you on your toes

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