Crying Raom: Chapter 1.5

January 17, 2011
By MidnightBreaker SILVER, Lubbock, Texas
MidnightBreaker SILVER, Lubbock, Texas
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Running. I've been running in the hot desert sun of Raom for what seems like forever. They hadn't stopped chasing me ever since I had left my home, which they left in ruins. They burned my childhood home to the ground, the flames taking what was left of my family with them. They had already taken my poor younger sister that didn't understand why the army was so interested in her. I will never see her again. What more did they want with me? They took everyone that ever cared about me and still they wanted more than that? I screamed out to the sky, begging for help, knowing deep inside I was all alone in this world again.
As I was running through yet another deserted city, I looked back to see that they were still behind me. Their tanks as big as Mansions and their soldiers of flesh metal, never stopping, made me pursue on farther, praying that they would never catch me. Old torn-down buildings seemed to tell me to stop and hide in one of them while others that were corroded told me to not trust that their temperature sensors would fail and should keep moving. For 3 days I have ran and not even stopped for water out of my now lost-in-the-dunes cantene. I felt as if I was dead, but would never stop running and the men who wanted me so badly have me dead.
I hated them.
I never hated anyone so much, but those men took away everything- my home, family, teachers, my whole town,- everything that ever meant anything to me. I now trusted no one. Not even a so called God could help me now, but still I prayed to stay alive. I prayed to have the ability to keep on running away and to never be caught.

This deserted town just seemed to get bigger and longer as I went by every passing building. I looked behind me again and this time, I only saw buildings. For the first time in 3 days, 13 hours and 16 minutes, I didn't see one person, android, tank, or weapon in sight.
"Are they gone?" I wondered aloud.
I noticed that I was still running and that the buildings were starting to clear. God is it wrong for me to stop? I thought helplessly to myself. Then I heard noises. The sound frightened me so deeply I stopped. I listened, ignoring the pain my legs were feeling and heard androids awaiting orders on their next move on capturing me. Heh I snickered. Fat chance ya'll will ever catch me if you haven't already. "Search the city." the commander told his soldiers. "I don't want one building unchecked. Now go search. Over and out." The androids understood their orders and all I could hear were footsteps getting closer and closer to where I was. And once again, I started to run away again. My legs ached and begged me to stop, but I believed in mind over matter, so I kept on moving. The city started running out of buildings, leaving me wide open in what looked like and abandoned town square where a lone tree stood. I heard no more footsteps so I stopped to catch whatever breath I had left in me. I thought I heard soldiers talking, so I started to move again. I felt like I was going to run forever and never get away from them. I decided to run and find somewhere far off to hide. Even though they had temperature sensors on the androids, it was too hot to even tell what was environment & what was a human being. I hadn't even realized that I had stopped and some androids spotted me. As soon as I saw them I bolted off in another direction.

God if you do love me then help! I screamed inside, somehow knowing that the flesh metal were catching up with me. All of a sudden when I turned a corner, I felt an arm grab me and pull me into a near by building. As I was in the abandoned building, who ever or whatever grabbed me covered my mouth. I kicked and screamed thinking it was a solider or flesh metal.
"Its OK. You have to stop screaming or they will catch you." a voice said reminding me to stay quiet. They still had me in one arm so they uncovered my mouth so at least they trusted me not to scream anymore until the androids were gone. I noticed a man across from where me &the person holding me stood. He had spiky black hair, really light red-albino eyes, was fairly tall, had a white undershirt on with a blue blazer with red baggy pants was barefoot and had a serious look on his face. I looked around to see where my mystery person was looking out at. I saw a small opening in the wood and stone where they were looking out. 2 androids were trying to figure out where I went. When one of them said "she has to be around somewhere." I immediately felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked over to spiky hair guy and he wasn't looking anywhere but to a small hole in the wall I was up against, so it was whoever was holding me. Great and I can't even see them either I thought. Suddenly I heard movement from outside where the androids were a minute ago. Their eyes signaled off that they had found human temperature readings close by. "Follow us and you'll be fine. Just stay low and keep moving." said the stranger that was now releasing me so that I could follow them. They quietly opened a small hidden passage that went to below the city. As far as I knew, when we learned about Raom in school, there was nothing about them having a sewer system underground or anything like a safety route for them during the sand storms. Wow, a secret that most people in the world don't even know I thought as I continued to follow the two new strangers as we all descended into the hidden passageway in the city of Raom.

The author's comments:
enjoy the first half of chapter one.

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