January 19, 2011
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The tale of the boogy-man has been around for generations to scare little children, but they think he's not real, but tonight they will find out the truth.

The boogy-man haunts in the night preying on the dreams of children, hiding under there beds. The boogy-man is praying on Darnell Lewis tonight. Going in the room Darnell is snoring sound asleep no clue of what is about to happen to him. His slimy feet leave prints on the floor that vanish away in a moment's notice. He's approaching and then he grabs Darnell by the neck, and chokes him to death. He breaks his neck and sucks all his intestines out. Leaving the dead body on the floor, he moves on to his next victim.

The boogy-man's next victim is Bryce Marcus. The boogy-man changes his appearance to look like Bryce's mother. He wants his victim to see. He wants to watch the light drain out of his eyes. He wakes Bryce up, but he quickly slits his throat before he can scream. The blood is gushing out of the open wound. The boogy-man tastes the blood, but he spits it out, "Your blood will make my blood pressure sky high," he said to himself. He takes Bryce's body and cuts it into pieces, making sure every one will taste fantastic. He roasts it on an open fire.

The boogy-man has not had all his fun. He moves on to the next house. Ana Taylor is next she doesn't suspect any visitors tonight so she is surprised to see her boyfriend at the door. The boogy-man is her boyfriend, but she will find out soon enough. They go up to her room, she locks the door behind them and the action begins. He stuffs her mouth with a gag and splits her in half. Her large intestine falls out dragging her stomach with it. The boogy-man hasn't had a snack so he eats the stomach raw. He pulls the heart out still pumping the blood squirts everywhere. On the wall with her blood he puts, "The boogy-man has attacked and he will return again."

The boogy-man is amazed to see his three scenes on the news the next day. His victims parents are crying hysterically. He shows no mercy to ones who can't respect his master. His master comes out of the kitchen. To your surprise it's.............

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