Within the Rebel

January 18, 2011
By MelissaLouiseXx SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
MelissaLouiseXx SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Photography is my passion. It was my junior year in high school when I received my brand new Canon Rebel T2i that I had been dreaming about since I was thirteen. I went through six cameras before that. They were simple, dinky metal things that more often than not would blur every face I captured; every moment. These cameras were easily replaced, but now with my Rebel, I can capture anything. No more worrying about missing a moment or a memory for me. Now I’m 22 and living in an apartment, as well as owning my own photography studio. However, as much as I like having a studio, I more so enjoy having my shoots in outdoor environments; because if it weren’t for the outdoors, I wouldn’t have met her.

I was at a nearby park, taking pictures of the sunset on the water, when I saw her. She was the definition of beautiful; with her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulder and her deep blue eyes, looking so focused on something yet still seeming empty. I took a few pictures of her leaning on the rail of the bridge. The sun setting was the perfect backdrop, yet was still nowhere near as beautiful as her. Just as I was finishing, she looked over at me, pushing her hair out of her eyes and smiling. I strode over to her and introduced myself as Calvin. She seemed shy at first but she later told me her name, Annabelle.

Now, two years later we’re still in love. Times can be tough sometimes because her job requires her to travel a lot, but I support her and she supports my photography. To be completely honest, I couldn’t ask for anything more in life.

Tonight I asked her to meet me at the same park where we met merely two years ago for our anniversary. She obliged and said she had some business plans to take care of first, but would meet me around 9 o’clock. I packed up my Rebel and scurried to the park around 8:15 in order to make everything perfect. I arrived at the park nine minutes later and walked to the exact spot I had first noticed her. I snatched out my Rebel and took pictures of the luminous moon, comfortably placed above the bridge.

I was snapping away when I noticed a hooded figure carrying a rather large duffel bag. I continued to take pictures as I witnessed him throw the duffel bag over the edge and quickly sprint off. I wasn’t quite sure what I had just witnessed but before I could think twice about it I received a phone call from Annabelle.

“I can’t make it tonight.” She spoke into the phone, “Mark is making us stay late to figure out some new plans. Can we reschedule?” she sounded both sad and exhausted. I agreed and decided to surprise her. I jumped in my car and drove through Starbucks for a venti cappuccino, Annabelle’s favorite drink. When I arrived at her office, I parked my car and headed inside. I walked the three floors upward to her office door and strode right in. I saw Annabelle looking defeated over piles of paperwork with three other coworkers, including her boss, Mark. It took her a minute to notice me, but when she did a smile crept along her face. She backed away from her desk and kissed me gently on the lips, after taking her coffee of course.
Soon after, I said my goodbyes and excused myself from her office.

When I woke up the next morning, I turned on my side to find Annabelle resting next to me, her hair strewn across the pillow. Carefully, I crawl out of bed and sneak downstairs. I turn the T.V on in the kitchen and begin making a pot of coffee. “Early this morning officers discovered the body of a 34 year old Miranda Gallegan. The duffel bag she was stuffed in had been caught by a passing cargo boat,” the reporter said into the camera. “The police are still unsure what the cause of death is, but they’re looking for anyone that might have a lead. They believe the duffel bag was dumped off of the bridge in Auburn Park.” The reporter mumbled off some more information but by now I was sprinting to my Rebel.

I entered my dark room and began to develop the pictures right away. As I was waiting, I heard Annabelle creep down the stairs. She entered the room and wrapped her arms around me. Her warmth made my heart feel full, and although I was anxious, I was happy just thinking about her. She nibbled my ear and told me she had to run to the office. I turned and kissed her, telling her to be careful. Annabelle returned my kiss and headed out the door.
As I stood there waiting for my pictures to develop I thought about what I would do if I caught something. What if I caught the killer? Would I get a reward? What am I saying…I don’t need a reward. I have Annabelle and money has never been a problem for us.

The pictures finally finished developing. There it was, clear as day. I told you before about my dinky old cameras and how blurry the pictures were. Well, if I had one of those cameras, then the face would have been blurred and I wouldn’t have been able to see it. But with my Rebel, the face was brilliant. Now I had to decide what I would do with my information. If I turned these photos in I would be ruining a life, a life that might not be recoverable. I grabbed the photos and placed them in a folder. I then snatched my coat off the stairwell and what was held inside. I would drive to the police station and show them my photos, but first I had to make a pit stop.

I arrived at Auburn Park nine minutes later and walked over to the bridge. I stood there, staring at the dark grey water below me. Reaching into my pocket, I picked out a small velvet box and without a second thought, threw it into the water. I watched it float on top for a few seconds and then slowly sink, disappearing. Thoughts flooded throughout my mind. The contents of that box would never be known and the feelings I had will disappear forever. I started back for my car and climbed in. I had one thought while I drove to the station, one thought and one thought only.

Why? Annabelle...why?

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