The Pokered Face

January 16, 2011
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I never saw Edward Wilson in such a depression before this time. We’ve seen murder, suicides, and even burglaries but this time; I knew that we were dealing with the best crime of all: disappearance. Upon my entrance of his apartment located down the street on Baker Street, I first noticed that newspapers were piled all over the room. Scanning the room, I could also see that the remains of a poppy flower was on the ground.
“Edward” I called, “Are you okay?”
Suddenly, I saw him pop up from behind a pile of newspapers. His hair was messy and he was unshaven. Smiling at me, he came out from behind the pile.
“I’m so glad that you’re here!” He exclaimed, “We have a case that has finally met my expectations of an honorable case!”
Not even responding, I nodded and looked around.
“What is the case?” I asked.
Edward smiled and picked up a local newspaper.
“During my state of depression” He said, “formed from the Blood diamond, I saw in the papers that there was a person, Dexter Hamilton, who went missing around three days ago near here, also the flower murderer is still on the loose.”
“We’re going to find both of them.”
I stared at the newspaper with a sense of relief.
“So” I asked, “Where do we start?”
Edward smiled and looked around.
“First” He said, “I must clean up this place, I haven’t cleaned this up since you last came.”
Stepping back, I looked at him with a look of sorrow on my face.
“It’s march” I exclaimed, “You haven’t cleaned up this place since January?”
“Nope, I just sat here in depression and research.”
“Is that why you have poppy’s everywhere?”
He shook his head and looked around. Gathering up all the newspapers, save the one on the table, he walked over to the window and threw them out. Suddenly, I heard a great uproar from below as the newspapers sprawled everywhere in the air and landed. Beckoning me to come over, he pointed out to the fallen newspapers, which were in the shape of a flower.
“This is the pattern of a missing person.” He spoke, disregarding the people below, “All missing people have a pattern, whether it is an ace in the hole or a king on the court.”
“Poker?” I asked.
He nodded.
“This is the design. Poker is a game based off of chance, not smarts. But if a person counts the cards, they can predict where that person will go or move. Now, if our missing friend goes missing, then he can’t use his car, cell phone, or credit card. And from the paper says, he’s poor and without money. So, we know that he won’t be staying at a wealthy place but in a poor side of town.”
Traveling in, he picked up his dusty coat.
“Let’s go.” He said.
Suddenly, he stopped.
“No wait” He said, “You may want to stay here. Where I’m going, I might be killed.”
Nodding, I stayed behind and sat down in his large leather chair. Looking around, I saw that the rug was begging for a good vacuuming. Sighing, I got up, reorganized his books, cleaned up the entire apartment, and vacuumed the rug. Night soon came upon the apartment before he returned. Entering, he stopped and looked around.
“Thank you.” He gasped.
Standing up, I looked around.
“What do you think?” I asked, “Not bad for a seventeen year old geek, huh?”
He laughed and nodded.
“You have helped me” He started, “Get this place ready for our guest.”
“Who?” I asked.
Running up to him, I looked into his complicated blue eyes.
“You solved the case?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“I have invited him here, on the charge of another crime.” He proclaimed, “You see, he had no choice but to disappear after all, if you looked at the way I had my newspapers sat up, they were in chronological order from your last visit in January. But the reason I threw the papers out was to show you that if you put all the papers together, you get the entire portrait. Now, what did you see?”
Closing my eyes, I remembered the shape of the newspapers.
“A flower” I replied.
He nodded.
“Have you heard anything about a flower in the news lately?”
“The flower murderer?”
He smiled and nodded.
“I found the flower murderer!” He proclaimed.
Stepping back, I looked at him with a look of disbelief.
“You invited a murderer here?” I asked.
He smiled and nodded.
“Now” He said, “I need you to go to my book shelf there and open the bottom drawer, okay?”
Rushing over, I opened the drawer and pulled out a long leather whip. Gaping at the whip and at Edward, I watched as he came over and plucked the whip out of my hands.
“You’re going to kill him?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“I’m going to arrest him.” He said.
Walking over to the window, Edward opened it and allowed a cold breeze to sail through the room. Suddenly, I heard the sound of heavy footsteps approaching outside the door. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A heavy hand beat on the door.
“Come in, Dexter” He called, “The door is unlocked.”
In walked in a man who looked like a live version of Mr. Hyde; For he had on a black heavy over coat and wore a large top hat. Heavy boots protected his feet as he dragged them along. His gnarled face held two yellow eyes that scanned the room.
“What do you want, Detective?” The man asked in a grouchy voice.
Edward scowled and looked at the seat opposite from him.
“Sit” He ordered.
“I’ll stand” Dexter said.
Edward nodded and looked around. Dexter then sat.
“What do you want?” Dexter asked, “Do you want money? I have no money.”
Edward did not respond. Instead, he waited until he heard the sounds of footsteps outside.
“I know what you did.” Edward said, darkly, “I know of all those people that you killed, Dexter.”
Dexter’s face went pale as he looked around.
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dexter stammered.
Edward glared at him and pointed his finger at Dexter.
“You killed them all!” Edward shouted, “And I’m reporting you!”
Dexter jumped up from his seat and charged at Edward. No sooner did he do this, Edward whipped out the whip and snapped it in the air. Dexter stopped and looked at my protector, as he stood up.
“Get out.” Edward spoke.
Nodding, Dexter ran to the door. Walking over to the window, Edward saw a crowd of people gathering outside.
“Did you all hear that?” Edward shouted.
The crowd nodded in unison as Dexter came bolting out the front door. Almost immediately, the crowd dove in and began to punch, kick and bite at Dexter. Soon, the street was filled with police cars as officers joined in with the people and wrestled Dexter to the ground, with a gun to his head.
“Thank you detective!” an officer called.
Edward nodded and closed the window. Sitting in his chair, he looked at me, who was sitting in the opposite chair.
“So” He asked, “When are you going off to college?”
I smiled and leaned back.
“This is my last year.” I told him.
He nodded and looked at the empty fireplace.
“Would you like to have some dinner?” He asked.
I nodded.
“Okay, let’s go to the pub down the street, I heard that they have good fish n’ chips, let’s go have some.”

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