The Death of Tina Blower, High Tensions

January 17, 2011
By John Orgas SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
John Orgas SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Sara Hansen and Tina Blower were two girls fresh out of college. With their whole life ahead of them they were careless and passionate. Sara had just leased an apartment and in no time the two were living together. Slowly Sara realized the small dark secrets of Tina. She’d invite gentlemen callers over to their apartment for obnoxious sex. Every night there would be a different man, each one more random than the last. The ruckus would get so bad that from time to time maintenance would have to check up on the apartment. Tina, having very little dignity and pride, felt no shame for the embarrassment Sara had to face from explaining what the noise was from. Sara was very mild mannered about the whole situation due to her loving boyfriend Michael. The best part was how well Michael got along with Tina; a plus for him since most of Sara’s old boyfriends found Tina appalling. As time went on Sara noticed that Michael had become more and more distant. He would only come over for short periods of time and never wanted to go out. Sara was extremely nervous about the direction the relationship was heading in. She decided to leave town for a couple days alone to clear the air and give Michael a chance to think.

While Sara was gone the nights became worse. Tina had no regard towards the other residents living in the complex. One night the complaints from residents forced maintenance to check on the apartment one last time. After knocking on the door several times the custodian became suspicious and unlocked the door with the master key. However, the deadbolt was not locked, an odd thing the custodian noted to himself before entering. Turning on the light switch his eyes adjusted to the sight of a blood stained sheet. He followed it to the bedroom where he found the body of Tina Blower, mangled, dead on the floor.

Authorities secured the scene within 15 minutes of the custodian’s horrific call. CSI investigators found a switchblade next to her body as well as and a crumpled piece of paper inserted into to the depths of her throat. After the paper was removed by forensic scientists, they realized that it was the number of Sara’s boyfriend Michael. Immediately the authorities began the search for him. After locating him at his apartment, located 20 miles away from Sara and Tina’s, they began questioning him about the situation. He appeared disorientated to the murder of Tina and after questioning little information was provided. As Michael being the prime suspect the SPPD brought in the expert. Paul Smacker, local detective extraordinaire.

“Damn it, I want answers now!”
“Look the truth is Tina and I have been having an affair… behind Sara’s back.”
“And how long has this been going on for?”
“About five months. At first it started off harmless, but then it progressed. I didn’t have the heart to break up with Sara, what made it harder was that they lived together.” Michael was clearly forcing back tears.
“Think you’ll be interested in these?!” Paul throws the photos of Tina’s bloody corpse on the table for Michael to see. Michael began to cry uncontrollably. Paul began to realize the likeliness of his story, and went through his other options.
“Alright, get him out of here.”

Sara was just returning from her vacation. Her apartment barricaded off, Sara became concerned. Paul approached Sara, her being the next prime suspect.

“If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you a few questions.”
“About what? What happened here?”
“I’m sorry to say but your roommate has been murdered and you’re a suspect.”
“T-t-tina? She was killed? Holy f***!!!” She put her hands over her face, trying to control all emotions.
“Easy now, Ms. Hansen. No need for profanity.”
“I’m sorry but my best friend was just murdered. Excuse me for being a little poignant.”
“Poignant, huh?” Paul thought for a second then began the questioning,
“So, where exactly have you been Sara?”
“I was on vacation. I went to Florida to visit some old friends”
“Old friends you say huh? Can they be reached, if you trying to tell me you had nothing to do with this you’re going to need an alibi.”
“Yes here is there number, I went there last Friday and I just returned. I stayed at the Sandos resort in Miami”
“Ok, well I am going to need you to come down to the station while we sort all this out.”

The police took Sara as well as Michael down town. Paul contacted the Sandos resort and Sara’s acquaintances in Florida; it seemed she was in reality there. On the other hand no one at the resort or her friends could say when she had left. Her friends said they hadn’t seen her in two days, and the hotel employees said they couldn’t recollect her checking out. Paul was certain he had her, and it was time to question her again. As Paul walked into the interrogation room he was ready to get to the bottom of the crime.
“Well Sara I don’t have good news for you, I spoke to your references in Florida and it seems you are unaccounted for the last two days.”
“Well I had been shopping down there for the last two days, see Michael and I have been having a rough time so I went out and got him a few things. I got us a pet lizard, and I bought him pair of sunglasses and a guitar pick.”
“I see, well for now you’re free to go but I will be contacting you in the next few days.”

Paul went back to the apartment, after further investigation he found a few more clues. Their was a bottle of pills on the table, they were prescription pills, and they had Michaels name on them. Paul could feel that he was closing in on the truth, and as he looked around more it seemed that there was a man in the apartment with Tina. The table was set for two people and there was a recipe in a clip on the counter, a knife sharpener, and a par of oven mitts on the table, this showed that whoever was there was cooking a meal. Paul had all the items finger printed and found two sets of prints on everything. One of the finger prints belonged to Tina the other was a match to Michael. This put him in the apartment the night of the murder. The detective called headquarters right away, and had them bring Michael into custody. With all the evidence ready Paul entered the room Michael was in.
“Hello Michael, so I have some good news, we’ve cleared your girlfriend. Her alibi checks out”
“Well that’s good to hear, do you guys have any leads?”
“We have one so far. We found some interesting fingerprints in the apartment.”
“Really who did the prints belong to?”
“Well the prints are yours, and there all over.”
“Of course they are I have been in that apartment many times.”
“True but although there were no prints on the actual murder weapon, your print were on many things that we know were only used that night!”
Michael began sobbing.
“Michael, just tell me how it happened, if you cooperate I can help.”
“Ok, I-I-I didn’t mean to, we were talking and she said she was going to tell Sara everything.”
He started crying harder.
“You just need to tell me everything that happened”
“Well we were arguing about her telling, and I lost it, I just couldn’t control myself. I pulled the knife out of my pocket and stabbed her as she tried to make it out the door I freaked so I tried to wipe my prints and I took off. I’m sorry”

Michael was taken into custody and is going to be in jail for a long time for the murder. The only thing left to do was for Paul to inform Sara about what all happened. When Sara heard the news about her boyfriend cheating on her she went crazy, she repeatedly beat her head against the wall and tried attacking people. She had to be taken to a mental hospital and put in a straight jacket in a padded room. She still beats her head on the wall and is showing no signs of getting better.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was a junior in an English class with three other poeple from the class.

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