The City Who Cried Carly

January 14, 2011
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As she gazed upon the dark room, she sought but one thing-for her mother to rot. The walls seemed to give the illusion that they are closing in-claustrophobia gives the feeling of helplessness and death. The girl ties her rope to the ceiling rafters carefully, as it had to support her entire person. She slowly-slowly stepped onto the squeaky footstep. Placing the rope around her neck, she prayed one last time-for this was to be her last as she kicked the stole away from herself-letting the rope cut deep into her neck-blocking any oxygen into her lungs-and then it was over.

As this victorious-but now disgusted city-mourned for this girl-the mother-oh, the mother-knew this was not to be the last time she saw her daughter move. She had known for an almost disturbing time, her daughter wasn’t like other little girls. Was it really normal to pretend to murder all of your baby dolls? She thought not, but rather than address the issue-the girls mother let it slide.

“Come here, boy! I’m wanting to play with you!” “No! Please! Who are yo-…”

A body was found under a tree, with the neck snapped and head facing the opposite direction from the graveyard, where Carly was thought to be buried.

The ravens were calling as if they knew; someone has died. The city was gray, no one looked up as they walked the cobblestone streets of the Old City. As the rain drenched everything on the ground, the girl’s Mother knew her daughter was back-not for revenge-but to play with her dolls-and those dolls were the living.

The park wasn’t such a good place to be, but Kieran didn’t know that. He watched as people began to depart, but this was his favorite part of the day, where the sky was grayest, the birds were circling in the sky. He never saw them before, but didn’t really give it much more thought. Out of nowhere, from what his eyes were telling him, a blob-just white-nothing else-was coming towards him, slowly, but surely. Kieran’s muscles wouldn’t move-and he watched in horror as the blob grew a mouth and staring to just swallow meat off his legs, and he accepted his fate with one final scream..

With growing fear of murders in the City, the girl’s Mother-recently baptized with the name of Alexis-she finally set out to find her demon of a daughter, and put an end to her reign of terror.

Carly’s grotesque murders, all never found, were eventually forgotten; all except for Alexis, Carly’s mother. The city was shook once more, after the Mayor of Philadelphia, Saren Grudza, was found dead, her eyes were missing, hanging from a tree in the same spot where her other victims were found, along with her killed off Mother-knife in neck... Old City was found to be more haunted, more dangerous, and filled with horror; with Carly still seeking revenge against her hometown.

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annefrankforeva123 said...
Jan. 21, 2011 at 8:57 am
yeah. scratch that. not too sure why i put kieran up there. stinking ginger.
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