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January 9, 2011
By Anonymous

In the small town of Black Diamond, Florida lived a group of friends. These friends were very close. The group of five contained; Veronica, Ronnie for short, Lisa and Lucy, the Brooks twins, and Timmy and Tommy. Ronnie and Tommy are an inseparable couple, whenever you see Tommy, Ronnie isn’t far behind.
It was the beginning of the summer, hot, dry, and super sunny.
“Veronica? Where are you? I have a surprise!” Mrs. Willows called out.
“Call me Ronnie mom! I’m in my room!” Ronnie shouted back.
“Well, get your butt down here! I’ve got a surprise!” She responded.
“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Ronnie barked.

Ronnie went downstairs, and there was Tommy, sitting there with flowers. Was it some special day? Did Ronnie forget about something? What kind of surprise was this? They see each other every day!
“Hey babe, this really isn’t any important occasion. I can tell by the look on your face, you think you forgot something. It’s the first day of summer and I got you these roses because two summers ago I asked you out, so I guess it’s just an anniversary type situation,” Tommy told Ronnie.
“Well I guess roses never hurt,” Ronnie responded.
“Ha, guess not,” Tommy added.

Before Ronnie’s mom could ask if they wanted snacks, or say goodbye, Ronnie and Tommy were out the door on their way to meet up with Lisa, Lucy, and Timmy. They didn’t even know where they were going, they just sort of left. Ronnie got a text from Lucy saying they were meeting at Miss Mindy’s Malts. It was super-hot out, so Ronnie texted back agreeing to go. After they all ordered Ronnie ran out to the car to get her purse.

A pretty long time had passed. Of course, Tommy started worrying sick about her, so he went outside to try and find her but here was no sign of her. The car was there, so she couldn’t have gone home. They all hopped in Timmy’s van, and were on their way to find Ronnie.

Ronnie loves the beach, so first they went to check there. After walking up and down the beach at least thirty times, Ronnie was nowhere to be seen. Next, they tried the city park. No Ronnie. Lisa and Lucy were crying and Tommy was nearly in tears. They all figured that before they tried another place, they should let her mom know. They knocked on the door.
“Mrs. Willows? Are you home,” Tommy screamed.
“Oh yes! I’ll be there in a minute! Mrs. Willows called back as she finished cleaning the kitchen.
“Mrs. Willows, Ronnie’s gone.” Lucy’s little voice squeaked.
“Gone? Gone? My baby is gone? What’d you do to her? Why’d you do it? I thought you were all friends? How could you turn on her? WHY WOULD YOU KILL MY BABY?!?” she sobbed.
“Oh gosh no, we didn’t do anything. We all love Ronnie. She went out to the car to get her purse at the ice cream shop, and never came back. There was no sign of blood, so we’re assuming she’s alive. It’s all going to be ok, we just need you to help us,” Tommy said in soothing voice.
“She’s alive? Not gone, gone. Just gone? Like on a vacation, but not,” she replied.
“Yeah, sure, Will you help us find her? Take us to all of her favorite places as a teenager, kid, and baby, ok?” he responded.
*Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhh like.* Lisa’s phone was ringing. It was Ronnie. How is this possible? She answered:
“Hello? Ronnie?”
“No, this isn’t Ronnie, but we have her. Bring us two million and she’s all yours.” A deep scary voice replied.
Mrs. Willows grabbed the phone.
“You’re the monster with Ronnie? You have her? Why? What’d she do?” Mrs. Willows sobbed back.
“We like the game hide and go seek, you’re it,” the voice replied, then hung up.

Now they were on a real hunt. If they couldn’t find Ronnie, she’d have to find them. They knew this wasn’t going to be easy. After Mrs. Willows got money from her rich relatives, and called the cops, they decided that they were going to drive around and she if they found anything.
As they were driving they started running low on gas. They stopped at the nearest gas station and filled up the tank. While they were there, Lisa got another call. This time it was from an unknown number, they all knew who it was.
“We hate to see you sad, but we’re going to have to keep Ronnie until you find us,” the same deep voice replied. You could hear Ronnie in the background. Over the phone they immediately heard sirens. At first, they expected that to be the cops coming to get Ronnie back, but it turns out it was only someone speeding. At least now they knew the kidnapers were near a road. They continued to drive around. Lucy saw a black van with tinted windows speeding down the road. At first she thought she was just being cliché, but then she noticed that there was a faded figure in the trunk banging against the window. She told Tommy to follow them.
After the van had stopped a man jumped out with a gun.
“Listen, you’ve been following us for about an hour. We don’t know what the heck you want, but we don’t have it. Back off,” a man replied. He had the same voice as the man on the phone.
“Ha! We know it’s you,” Timmy’s innocent voice squeaked out, “we know you have Ronnie. We recognize your voice. We have the money, now give her to us.”
Everyone was shocked to see Timmy so angry. The men soon got Ronnie out of the car. She had a bag over her head, and her legs were bruised. All five of them broke out into tears as soon as they got her back.
They ran to their car and drove home as fast as they could. They were home safely, and Ronnie was on the couch, still getting over the fact that she was kidnapped. All of them were happy they won a life threatening game of hide and seek.

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