The Stalker!

January 8, 2011
By Coutney8225 BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coutney8225 BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Have you ever felt the need of safety? Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? This is how Maddie felt when she was 9 years old. Maddie had a typical life, growing up on a farm in Nashville, Tennessee. But on October 2nd 1993 everything in her life was about to change.
Her and her friend, Melissa, where camping in Upham Woods. It was 9pm and Maddie and Melissa decided to get up and go find the bathroom because their tent did not supply a bathroom. They had glanced around for quite a bit, and finally had seen a bathroom sign in the distance. The sign was lit up by two lights that shined brightly. All of a sudden the sign could not be seen by both of them. It was like their was someone standing in front of the lights so it would pitch black. This figure had moved slighty so they could identify the shadow. The shadow looked ike like a tall man holding something in his hand.

“I wonder who is waiting for?” Maddie said curiously.

“Or what he’s holding?” Said Melissa.
The two friends didn’t think anything of it. They just though it was a normal man standing and waiting for someone.

After 10 minutes of asking themselves what he was doing, they finally reached the building to the bathroom. The man wasn’t there anymore. The girls hadn’t noticed where the man had gone, because of there thoughts that were going on inside their head.

“Where could that man have possibly gone to?”
Maddie slowy followed Melissa in to the girls bathroom. When they aproached the mirror and sink there was something written on the mirror. It wasn’t just any kind of utencil they wrote it with, they wrote these words using a finger that had blood on it.

The mirror said “I’ve been watching you, and I will get you both!”

The friends were devistated.

“Oh my gosh. What are we going to do?” Melissa said freaking out.

“I have know idea. Do you have your cellphone?” Maddie asked.

“No, I didn’t thing we would need it.” Melissa said scared.
Maddie decided to go hide in one of the stalls. Melissa decided to do what Maddie did and go to a stall. They heard foot steps slowy walking in. It was like someone kept throughing rocks on the ground the steps were so loud. Whenever this person took a step you could hear chains swaying back and forth. They felt like it took forever for the person to finally reach, or say something to them. Maddie stands on the toilet and peek over the stall door and sees her man dressed up with chains and a mask walking toward her stall. Maddie sees the stall door knob start to turn. The door open and the man says


“Ahhhh!!!” Maddies says screaming.
The man takes his mask of and it turns out to me Maddies dad.

“It’s alright you can come out Melssisa.” Maddies said mad.

“Why would you do this Dad?” Maddie said angrily.

“You scared us half to death.” Melissa said still panting.

“Im sorry, but you didn’t ask to leave and I tild you to always ask. So I thought I would punish you by scaring you ladies.” Maddies dad said smirking.
Maddie and Melissa both marched home. They were still so scared and mad at Maddie’s dad.

Their camping expirence was something else. I don’t think Maddie and Melissa will be going camping for a while!(;

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