Fortunato’s Revenge

January 7, 2011
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Drip! Drip! Drip! Went the water on my face. I awake to find myself trapped in this wall. I try to find away out. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! I punched, and kicked my way out of the wall. Luckily, the brick wall was still a little soft. I stumble down the basement to get out of the house.
Suddenly there I was talking to Montressor. I said something to upset him. He led me down the basement to try his Amontilado. He kept worning me, but I didn’t pay attention.
Now here I am, blood on my face and shirt. I think he tried to kill me! Now I’m going to get me revenge. Me, Fortunato! I climb the stairs, trying to think how I am going to kill him. I get up stairs yelling his name “Montressor!” “Where are you?” I looked in every room for him, but he was nowhere to be found. I decided to get cleaned up, and sleep it off.
I woke to get an early startto look for him. I went to every store and bar in town to see if anyone saw Montressor.
It’s almost dark now and still no sign of him. I went back to his house to see if he had come back. There he was; I ran to him as I yelled his name, “Montressor”! we started to struggle. I punched him, and he bit me. The struggle last for awhile, all throughout the house; smahing chairs, glass and other things. I took a piece of broken glass and drove through his chest. Blood was everywhere. Finally, I got my revenge!
I sat there and pond what I did, and how I’m goin to get rid of the body. I awoke in the morning to go hide the body. As I walked down stairs, I found that the body was gone! Bam! Went the fire poker across the back of my head. I was out cold. Montressor brought me down to the basrment for one last time. There I was, strapped in a chaor, and him sitting there, smiling at me. He was muttering something I could not make out. As I sat in that chair, I thought of what my last minutes alive would be like, and how I should have made sure he was dead. Montressor said, “Fortunato, are you ready to die?” I was tortured for hours. Finally, I died after a grudling, painful death. I thought I would get my revenge, but he outsmarted me again. But, as I started dying, I saw Montressor dying, and falling to the ground, but I didn’t know if he was truly dead. I shut my eyes and never woke again!

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