That Evil Smile

January 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I was heading to my job at Maywood’s Retirement Home, I was told to take care of an elderly man who lived there. The man was a nice, short and gentle man who can hardly walk. He was a turtle, slow and causes no trouble. He lives with his wife in the retirement home and his son lives in another state. I had no problem taking care of the man, but there was something about him that made me furious, I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s his smile. Yea that’s it, his smile! He had a grim like smile, it was such an evil looking smile it was as if he knew something awful was going to happen and he wouldn’t tell me what it is. The holes on some of his teeth and he had a gold front tooth right in the middle of his mouth. It drove crazy me every time he smiled at me. I just can’t handle it anymore.

I waited until it was dark to make my move. So when it was starting to get dark and when it was time to put the elderly man to bed. One more time he gave me that sick smile after he said “Thank you.” I tucked in the elderly man very tightly, so tightly the old man will have trouble taking his arms off the sheets. He looked so helpless. I waited for the man to fall asleep. I could hear the old man’s breathing, it sounded like he was having trouble gasping for air when he would breathe in. I waited there staring at him for hours and hours and hours. His breathing finally sounded calm and I knew he was dead asleep. I was ready to make my move. I got up from my chair and went in to the employer’s office to crab an extra pillow. I came back inside the old man’s room and stood right next to him. My heart was beating faster and faster every time I got closer to hold man. I looked at his face for almost five minutes, just thinking about if I should really do this or not. The old man did no harm to me and he is a really nice guy, but I pictured him smiling in my head and it drove with anger once again. I put the pillow onto the old man’s face and pressed both my hands onto the pillow where the old man was unable to breathe. The old man woke up in panic trying to escape, but his arms were stuck from being tucked in so tightly. He tried screaming for help, but couldn’t. All you could hear is the mumbling of his voice because of the pillow blocking his air gasping to get his breath back. A couple seconds later the hold man wasn’t moving or making any more noises and the whole room soon got quiet. I knew the old man was dead and I felt relieved, I destroyed the evil smile.

All of a sudden the lamp on the old man’s dresser turned on. I immediately checked the door to see who turned it on. It was the wife of the now dead old man looking in utter shock. Her eyes were so still she never even blinked. She saw me take the pillow and suffocate the old man to death. I knew something had to be done in order for no one to know the job I have done. As I started to make my way towards her she started to scream as loud as she can hoping someone would hear her. I quickly ran up to her and grabbed the lamp from the old man’s dresser. I gave my hardest swing with the lamp and crushed it onto the woman’s head. She immediately died as she fell land her face on the floor. I kept swinging and swinging to make sure there will be no more screaming coming from her. Her blood was all over the floor and some were on my shirt and face. I felt sick to my stomach looking at all the blood and I snuck myself in the bathroom to clean myself up and think of a way to hide the bodies. I used the sink to wash my face, I felt guilty for killing the old man’s wife, but what’s done is done. My blood shot, red eyes looking into the mirror liked an old stressed out dog. Then out of nowhere I hear screaming, not just any scream this scream sounded familiar. I heard another scream sounding like it came from someone else, it also sounded familiar. The screams became louder and louder, it was hurting my ears so badly I thought they were going to bleed. I tried covering my ears, but the screams would just get louder, louder, LOUDER! I began screaming hoping for the noise to stop and for someone to help me, but it just kept getting louder, “Anything is better than this, even death”. I ran to the old man’s bed and looked at both the bodies and I realized the noises of the screams were from them. Tears began running down my face as I was looking into the ceiling pleading for forgiveness. There was no mercy and I took a rope and stool from the janitor’s closet, I tied a knot into the ceiling and another not for me. I climbed on the stool and put my neck into the knot. I let both of my legs off the stool and it was the end of that. Finally some peace and quiet.

The author's comments:
Was done in my English Class.

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