strange strangers sitting in the cop car

January 5, 2011
By Auburn-Morrow PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
Auburn-Morrow PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
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The night is very nightly… not the most intelligent description, but that’s how it is. Its night, the sky is pitch black, letting bright little lights called stars peak out playfully against that darkness while the air has become cold and stings my visible skin.
Disturbing that simplicity, are the red and blue lights flashing off the cop car’s roof. They spin and reflect on everything that steps in their radar, unexpectedly reminding me of a rave. But there’s no party here and this isn’t some joy ride. I’m being read my rights, as this cop—a sturdy man, sturdy shoulders, sturdy looks and with a large sturdy middle—uncomfortably grabs my wrists, locking the cuffs on. He makes them (probably purposely) too tight, making them pinch and prod my wrists. I fidget in them in an attempt to make it more comfortable, but it’s a no-go.
What makes this situation worse, you know, other than the whole just “being arrested” thing—though that does really suck—is that I am being put in a car, caged into a small space with really strange looking people.
“Alright, get in there,” The sturdy man grunts, seizing my head, forcibly pushing me into the car.
“Wait!” I beg just in time, before he closes the door, “I don’t think I belong in here.” My words sound pathetically desperate, but that’s what I am.
In a pause, he makes this hard look, like I just offended him or something. He does say, “I think so too, but we’re under staffed. Not enough cops, too many criminals.”
With no choice in the matter, I move my heads for the door to slam shut. I flinch, my eyes instinctively closing. Maybe if I keep them close, I won’t have to face it. I don’t have to look at these people; I don’t have to watch the car drive to the police station and all this may turn into a nightmare.
However, the silence is too intensively awkward that I have to peak. My closes eye opens to two people just staring at me. One is a boy at least I’m pretty sure it’s a boy. He’s wearing a long white mask, one reminiscing of the masks doctors from the bubonic plague would wear, as he’s dressed in a simple black suit. The other is girl, painted all different colors of the rainbows, all over her arms, legs, face, hands, and even her hair is an off color of pink.
They don’t seem too happy with me.
Meekly and just because I’m just so smooth, a meek “Hello” comes from my mouth, but there’s no reaction, only a continuous hard stare.
In embarrassment, I sink into the car’s leather and make a mental wish for help.
From behind, the sturdy cop comes back, accompanied by another, a skinny string bean of a man. They come in, rocking the car a little. String Bean glances back only for a second, until I catch his eye and he does a double take.
Stunned, he asks his partner, “What is he doing back there?!”
“What do want me to do? He has to come with us.” The sturdy man explained.
The two leave it at that and the car starts. We drive on in silence, but I can’t stand it. Silence makes me twitch and feel as if I need to crawl out of my skin. Finally, I turn to the mask wearer and the rainbow. “So… why are you two here?”
Neither of the cops seemed to care or notice, they only spoke to each other and on their radios. Tonight must really be a busy night.
A smile formed on the rainbow girl’s lips. Her voice is like air, smooth and high “I was with friends.” She closes her eyes, picturing the seen over again in her head, “We were outside, living off the sweet gifts my friends brought over, our brains welcoming the smoke.” Peculiarly, her head swung slowly side to side, almost like a dance, “We started the music and someone,” she chuckled in a shrug, “suggested we paint each other… Brian and Ian painted my body so smoothly, so sweetly and so very intimately.”
“So, what happened?” I asked.
That question halted all movements from her and the charm in her voice was replaced by something heated and dark, “we got busted for the drugs, adding onto the public nudity.”
Abruptly, the masked wearer snorted. The girl snapped at him as he crossed his arms pompously, having this “I’m-better-than-you” aura about him. He answered something we didn’t ask, “Me, what I got busted for is much better than some weird hippie dippie sh*t. My gang and I dressed all up like this and made a plan to detail every historic monument in this stupid town.”
“That’s so idiotic,” The girl mumbled under her breathe, in spite of his words.
“Shut it,” he snapped back.
“Hey!” String bean shouted, silencing them instantly, “Keep quiet back there!”
From what they said… I really don’t belong back here. Their very nature makes me nervous and now that I know that guy is from a gang, I can’t stop thinking he’s going to shank me or something. Please let this car ride end soon.
Every minute to every second seemed like a lifetime before we finally reached the police station. The two cops step out first to discuss something. Since they’re gone, the rainbow girl raises towards me, “Well what did you do?”

I’m quiet for moment, wondering how much to tell them. I start off with my reason, “They were so quiet. Not speaking to me at all, they haven’t since we arrived home from my school. You see, I was just caught cheating on my test. The only things they said to me were, you’ll never do anything, you are useless. There’s not one single thing in the world you have accomplished and that’s all will ever happen… they weren’t the first to tell me such things…”
The door on my side opened and the sturdy man pulled me upward and out of the car. To these extremely strange people’s questions, I told them, “After the silence was too much to bear… I killed them. A single bullet to both of their heads.” A confident and accomplished grin grows on my face, feeling the complete bliss of it all, “I call that an A plus…”

The author's comments:
This was pure spur of the moment. I was just thinking about cop cars, masks and weird people. That's normally all it takes.

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