The Window

January 5, 2011
By Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
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As I sit here waiting for the words to pour on to the paper, I see that nothing seems to come to mind. No matter how long I sit and think my hands will not begin to write. I write for my living, but lately I havent been able to come up with anything. The only thing to do is to get up and step away from my writing. Ever since she left I have had no muse, nothing to give me my much needed inspiration. It is definately time for some coffee.
Sigh this young writer has no clue what to do. He was one of the best when he could think but ever since he lost his world he has had nothing to write about. Instead of write out of sorrow like most writers would do at this time, he hopes to write of something happy to ease his troubled mind, but this writer's block is the worst ever. Now I take you back to young writer, Thomas Hart, as he heads towards his kitchen.
Coffee, coffee, where is the coffee? There you are Mr. Coffee Can, get prepared to be made. So as he starts the coffee pot he starts to just aimlessly walking around his house. Then while he was looking through his window he saw into his neighbors window and saw her. He had never seen this woman before. She was so amazingly beautiful. As he looked at her just sitting there watching television, and all he could think is wow if only I had a girl like that. Now like a freight train it hit him. He knew what to write about and flew over to his desk. Could it be that he had a muse, had he found his new inspiration?
Now daily he would just stare into this window of this amazing woman not knowing anything at all about her. All he knew for sure is that when he looked at her everything just came to him, his mind seemed to just work better. He had considered talking to her, but it would ruin everything. What if she wasnt what he had though she was, or worse what if she was but just didn't care what he thought? No, he couldn't even bare the idea of all of this goin away. as he started to fly through his newest work.
It has been almost two months now and he realized something. All this time he had been writing about himself. He didnt know what to do because he had left himself with no ending. All this time he had been just imagining and he started to realize that he needs to do something about this. So he decided he was going to go to this girl. So he had worked up the courage to go next door and knock on the door even though he had no clue who this woman was. She opens the door and he sees the beautiful woman he had been seeing all this time. All he says is may I talk to you. She seems smitten by our young writer so she invites him in to talk. The day is going amazing and they are hitting it off instantly. Then the question of if he is single comes up. He tells her well you could call me a widower if you will. I was married but then my wife left me and has completely disappeared. So I guess you could say she is dead to me. The lady, Lisa, tells him that she is so sorry. He tells her not to worry about it, it is all in the past. She tells him that she lost her boyfriend in a serious car accident a year ago. All our writer can say is I am sorry. She says it is ok she has gotten past it. So as the day ends he leaves.
Now he has pretty much finished his story but he needs a good way to end it. So he thinks that if he can just talk to her one last time then he will finally wrap up the story that could put him on track. He puts on some nice clothes and heads out the door. So he knocks on the door and a older woman answers the door. So he asks may I see Lisa? All this lady can do is start to cry. So he asks her what is wrong. The woman said my daughter Lisa died in a car crash
with her boyfriend a year ago. Well, I guess the writer found his ending.

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on Apr. 16 2012 at 3:54 pm
Allicat001 SILVER, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is not someone you can live with, love is someone you can't live without."

"Always stand up for what's right even if that means you're standing alone."

You're a really good writer and this piece shows it.  Your ending was really powerful.  I was a little confused how you switched from first to third person between your first and second paragraphs, but otherwise you did a phenomenal job.

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