January 4, 2011
By marinegames18 BRONZE, Patchogue, New York
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Nobody knows if Mrs.Collax killed her husband, but there are clues. It all happened on that Collax was sleeping, maybe from a long night of stress. Mrs.Collax lived with her husband for about 2 years. Many neighbors say that Mrs.Collax was always inside her house, and that Mr.Collax one Saturday, right before Halloween. It was 12 pm and Mrs. was always out of the house. However, when Mr.Collax was in the house, neighbors say they hear screams and fighting. Well, that one night, Mrs.Collax was arguing with her husband around 1 pm, as neighbors say. Right after that, screams were heard, and then they just stopped... Neighbors then said that Mrs.Collax walked out of the house around 3 pm, wearing some shady clothes, as neighbors described it. By the time she got home, the police were already there and MrCollax was found dead.

Detectives found Mr.Collax’s body lying in bed, completely preserved. They say that his hands were on his chest, and that the bed sheets were completely covering him. They also found that Mrs.Collax had an OCD for neatness. Her house, though, was very messy. The whole house was very dirty, except for the bedroom where Mr.Collax was found dead. Little was known about Mrs.Collax, because she rarely went out of the house.

Mr.Collax was a bank owner, and he owned one of the biggest banks in town. He was very rich and successful, but he donated most of his money to charities. One of Mr.Collax’s good friends said that Mr.Collax spent more time in the bank with his money, than his wife at home. All the people in the neighborhood knew Mr.Collax, because he was really popular.

When Mrs.Collax was having her trial, many people say this was their first time seeing her outside of her house. Whenever someone asked Mrs.Collax a question about Mr.Collax, she could barely remember a thing about him. Whenever they asked her about her house, she couldn’t remember a thing. Because Mrs.Collax gave no right answers to the questions, and the way she answered the questions, many people wanted to send Mrs.Collax to jail. But, there wasn’t a lot of evidence to do so, so Mrs.Collax was remained undecided, and detectives had to do further investigations until the deadline.

5 weeks later, little was found. All the detectives found was Mrs.Collax’s diary. There were many pages ripped out, and it was very messy. Some pages were so full of debris nothing in it could be read. Only one page wasn’t dirty, and it was the last page in the diary. Detectives said it looked like a diagram of the house she lived in. In the diagram, words were written all over the bedroom and kitchen. Otherwise, this piece of paper was useless.

Mrs.Collax was found innocent, because of little evidence. A lot of people thought that Mrs.Collax deserved to go to jail, but the jury didn’t think so. So, Mrs.Collax got some money for her husband’s death, and she was left off the case. Who killed Mr.Collax? We will never know……..

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