Sophia Liu: Death of the Japanese Models

January 1, 2011
By , Etiwanda, CA
Ring!! It was six o’ clock on a crisp Massachusetts morning, and Sophia was already late. Furiously tossing aside her ten pounds plush comforter, Sophia hurriedly dashed to the bathroom and began preparing herself. Honestly, Sophia was not the prettiest: she had two front buckteeth that contrasted her dazzling smile and gigantic ears that her mom nicknamed as elf ears. However, Sophia never cared, for she was proud of her ebony eyes that penetrated everyone’s soul for the real truth. In addition, she had lush, brown hair that never protruded a single tangle and swayed as easily as silk in the wind. However, she should not focus on her appearance because this September, Sophia was starting her freshman year at Harvard. Sophia carefully scrutinized her American Eagle messenger bag to make sure that her business economics and psychology textbooks were all placed neat as a pin with her supplies. Satisfied, Sophia grabbed a leftover pineapple bun from the breakfast table and ran to her car.

As she gazed at the rosy, distant morning sun, Sophia fell in love with Massachusetts all over again. Red and yellow maple leaves gently floated to the ground, where they sat diligently, waiting to be thrown into the distasteful garbage bins. All in all, though, it was a colorful fall wonderland. Later on, as the light, cool breeze whipped her hair out of place in the car, Sophia felt as though she was that one girl in a movie that would soon make a difference in the world. Right now though, she was that girl ready to enjoy the myriad college years to come. In a few minutes, her car made a right onto Harvard’s superior campus…

“Greetings, Sophia! I am so pleased to welcome another prestigious student into our academic grounds! As you are aware, our society is headed into its apex with the draining economy, so Harvard is a great chance for you to study diligently and find your destiny. However, I need to tell you something: our Dean, Mr. Song, has placed you on a study abroad trip to Japan for unknown reasons. If we look at the time, your flight leaves in five hours, so I suggest that you head over to Massachusetts Int’l Airport immediately. I am very sorry for the inconvenience…” Mr. Tam, the Head Director, stuttered nervously.

Even though Sophia was completely shocked, she managed to regain her composure and instantly headed back to the parking lot…

Sophia ate a scrumptious meal of vegetable dumplings and udon at the airport, spurging a bit more on a cool cup of boba. Ever since she was twelve, she had not sipped boba, so Sophia decided that today was the day to indulge once more. As of now, she was seated in a first class cabin onboard Air Japan, with seventeen more hours until reaching Japan. Before she headed to the terminal, she impulsively bought a glossy Japanese magazine to learn more about its exquisite culture. Normally, she never wasted her precious money on these trifles, but today, a bold headline had caught her attention: “Top Japanese Model Shi Juki’s Mysterious Death…” Now, turning back to the article, Sophia cozily sipped her green tea and read on…

“Welcome to Tokyo! I am Paul Shokugawa, and you will be staying with me and my two older sisters while you continue a suitable education! You will never be alone, I assure you, and now, let us get a taxi!” and with that, Paul strongly picked up two of Sophia’s luggage and heaved them to the exit.

Sophia was utterly amazed. She was already hypnotized by the city’s glamorous rainbow lights while enjoying the warm scent of cherry blossom perfume. Her mouth watered heavily just gazing at the huge bowl of seafood udon; on the other hand, the extravagant store fashions made Prada children’s clothes! Now, her heart beat just watching this handsome Japanese teenager stride at her side. What more could happen, though Sophia, as she smiled sweetly and followed Paul.

That night, Paul invited Sophia to attend the latest fashion show because his idol, Lucy Cho, was making a special appearance in the program. Paul had also dreamed of being amidst the glamorous but serious atmosphere of the designers as well. Just then, the lights dimmed, loud music blared out, and a slim model strutted onto the catwalk and began performing her routine poses. Then, a shorter, prettier model waltzed out in an unusual gown dotted with fragrant roses and wearing disastrous six inches heels. At that moment, Sophia thought this scene was pure bliss, but what followed became the unexpected. Right as the shorter model turned around, Sophia heard a “Boom” and soon, the model had crumpled into a pile, blood gorging from a hideous hole in her brain. Soon, the audience had erupted in chaos and began fleeing for their lives. Sophia turned to Paul, but instead, she saw a completely different person, adorning a brown cap, cashmere outfit, and gun poised at this side.

“Paul! You are a…”

“I am Paul Shokugawa, one of Japan’s top undercover detectives. Together, our mission is to track down the massive murderer of these innocent models. I know it totally caught you offguard, but believe me: you are the chosen one who can only prevent others from this doomed destiny!” Paul desperately gazed into Sophia’s eyes, but she had already accepted her role and firmly nodded her head in reply.

The next day, Paul and Sophia dressed in casual clothes, ready to fulfill their desire of finding the murderer! Paul wore a Tommy Hilfiger sweater, a scarf with Chinese characters “Prosperity” wrapped around his neck, and a pair of old blue jeans. All over, he was cool as a cucumber, additionally equipped with two eavesdropping aides, a sunglasses scanner, a gun, and poison perfume in this pocket. Meanwhile, Sophia had fixed an Oriental bun with two wooden chopsticks, a Vera Wang overcoat and dress, and dress, and ordinary tennis shoes. Their mission began at Shi Juki’s manor, where they scavenged each and every property endlessly for clues, but in the end, they only found a single note. On the half sheet were two sentences hurriedly scribbled in black ink: Be my girlfriend or ELSE… You will not see the last of me! with initials C.C. underneath. Next, they decided to visit the models’ top fashion designer: Jude Luki. Jude Luki was a pleasantly plump, middle-age woman that constantly squinted looking at anyone. She was immensely cordial, instantly serving red tea and a plate of egg rolls that she specially ordered from Hong Kong.

“Speaking of Shi Juki, she and her ex-boyfriend, Chi Cho, were recently engaged in public, heated arguments. Apparently, Chi still deeply loved and wanted her as his girlfriend again, but Shi resisted. Now, the model shot last night, Sim Liu, was also acquainted with Chi, because she was his first girlfriend. Back then, Sim and Chi were seen as the perfect couple, but when Sim discovered Chi was cheating on her, she decidedly dumped him. Chi has never recovered from that shock. Both of the models have visited my house, asking me sympathetically for advice. I still remember their sad look: Mrs. Luki, you have to help me! If you don’t then…” I forgot what Sim said, but Shi showed me a note…”

“Is this the one?” and Sophia excitedly pulled out the note from Shi’s house.

“Yes! I believe that is the threatening note Chi sent to Shi! Why, though may I ask?”

Eagerly, Sophia and Paul grinned at each other and said in unison, “Nothing important, but thank you so much for you help!” Then, they rushed out as fast as lightning and called Japan’s police. Soon, they received a colored picture of chi and details on his next move. Chi was inconspicuously headed to the airport, planning to escape to the Bahamas. Within minutes, Sophia and Paul hopped into a taxi and headed there as well.

When they arrived, Sophia and Paul worriedly scanned the bustling crowd for Chi’s figure. Chi was five feet nine inches, always wore a black shirt and shorts, had messily tousled hair, and never left with a leather briefcase. They had to be careful, though, for Chi was as sly as a fox and could elude anyone behind their back.

Suddenly, Paul spotted him and yelled, “There he is! Chi Cho, you are under arrest for murder and blackmail! Chi turned around, gazed blankly at them, and recognition dawning at last, dashed away.

“Chi! stop and surrender, for your time in crime is up!” Sophia screamed madly as she ran behind his tracks. She pushed and shoved aside young children, teenagers, and even mothers, but she could not reach him. She gallantly leaped over piles of suitcases and threw what she could get her hands on at him, but he was unstoppable. In that minute, Sophia did the unthinkable by launching herself twenty feet in the air and successfully stopping Chi from reaching the airport exit. As he struggled to escape, Sophia triumphantly snapped a pair of metal handcuffs on his wrists and turned him over to the group of police. Finally, I have made a difference, Sophia gleefully thought.

As she turned to go, though, a hand tapped her lightly on the shoulder. It was Paul. Even though she could not bear the thought of leaving him so soon, Sophia forced herself to look into his eyes once more.

“Thank you so much for your cooperation in this case, Sophia. Honestly, your determination and courage really inspired me! You… do not have to leave for Harvard yet, do you?” Paul softly asked. “

“Of course not! You know I still have three more days left. How about you take me to some of Japan’s landmarks then?” Sophia responded. Paul nodded jubilantly, and with that, the two, arm in arm, headed back home…

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