Supernatural Awakening: Part 2

December 29, 2010
By One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Supernatural Awakening: Part 2

The smoke was thicker than any other smoke I had even encountered, and it took a while to clear. When it finally did clear, I found Travis in front of me, standing upright, as if he hadn’t been harmed at all by the sudden blast.
“Victoria, where is it?” The voice called. It was a low, rumbling voice, the kind that sent that sudden chill down your spine. The one where you knew there would be no mercy in whatever he wanted. But what did he mean, “where was it”? Where was what? Who was this? But more importantly, how did they know where I lived?
“What are you doing here?” was all Travis managed to say. His voice shaky, and nervous. Who was this that was making Travis Thorne shake?
“Move aside Thorne, you have no business interrupting my mission.” He chuckled. His laugh no different than his voice. His laugh, though, was cold enough to bring back another ice age.
“You do realize that she has no idea, don’t you? Thankfully, she’s the only one whose memory was completely destroyed. She has no recollection of what you want or what it exactly is that she’s doing here.” Travis said back, now regaining the confidence he’d lost after the blast.
“And do you realize that I have ways of making her remember? Fool, this is exactly the reason you were sent here and I was left with the master. I’ve always been stronger than you, brother, and now, stand back and watch how a true servant pleases his master.” I was standing behind Travis, but I could still tell how this man was making him angry by the way his entire body stiffened.
“Travis? Who is this?” I managed to squeak out. I was still in shock, my mind barely registering what was happening all around me.
“No one, Victoria. You don’t know him and you don’t need to know him either.” He replied, placing one hand behind his back, gesturing me to move back. I obeyed immediately though, my body completely numb. As soon as I was back near the kitchen door, there was a sudden light and then, more smoke. What was with this smoke? Along with the smoke, this time though, there was a bright light. A light so bright, it would put the sun to shame. It was there for just a few seconds, and then…silence.
“Travis…will you please tell me who that was?” I practically begged.
“Toby.” He whispered. His voice slow and deathly.
“Toby? What is Toby doing here?” How did everyone know where I lived? I only left my address and number with Calista and I made her swear to never let anyone know where I was. But I knew it wasn’t Calista who had let them know.
“We gotta get you outta here. Now!” He yelled, grabbing my arm and pulling me up the stairs and towards my room. We barged in my room, he tore open my closet door, removing my backpack and dumping out all of its contents. Pencils, pens, notebooks, textbooks and all of those bits and pieces. He threw the bag at me and yelled,
“Pack quickly and only take what’s necessary! You won’t need the extra weight! Clothes, one pair of shoes, only a few toiletries, and…the necklace.”
“The necklace? What necklace?” I had a bunch of necklaces, but why did I have to bring one if he didn’t want me to pack any extra weight?
“Do you remember, when you left Virginia, and you came to say goodbye to me? And I gave you a present? Do you still have it?” He said, shaking my shoulders,
“Yeah, on my dresser. Why?” Truth time: I had kept the box in my sight at all times. I had opened it once when Travis gave it to me. But I did still look at it sometimes, but rarely. Whenever I opened it, I would have flashbacks of Travis, Toby, Calista and everyone. I’d have flashbacks of the life I so desperately wanted to forget.
“That necklace is what Toby came looking for. That necklace is what Toby’s been after for centuries.”
“Wait, wait, wait, hold up, centuries? But Toby’s only 19. How could he have possibly been around for centuries?”
“This Toby that you know is only a reincarnation of the Zadarath, the evil spirit that’s been after this necklace for as long as both have existed.” None of this is making any sense.
“So what do I have to do with any of this? And why exactly does he need the necklace?” Why do I feel like I just got myself thrown into a Harry Potter book or something?
“Look,” he replied, turning from my closet to face me, “Toby has these…possessed moments, I guess you could call them, in which Zadarath comes out and the Toby you know is not present. After that moment, he has not recollection of what happened. That was definitely Zadarath back there, and he wants you and the necklace!” he practically shouted,
“But WHY does he want ME?!” I shouted back at him.
“Because! You…you’re…centuries ago…You and Toby…”
“Will you just say it?!” I yelled frustrated,
“Okay! So, centuries ago, when Zadarath came to power, Queen Electra was at power. She was about to hand over her place at throne to her daughter, Princess Citrine. Zadarath was content on taking the throne as soon as Queen Electra left, but once Princess Citrine took over, Zadarath swore, in front of the entire empire of Garnet that he would stop at nothing to become King of Garnet.”
“But where do I come into all of this?” goodness this was so confusing.
“I was getting to that part! Geez let me talk! Zadarath has come back in the form of who we know as Toby. And he knows now that, you are the reincarnation of Princess Citrine.” WHAT?!
“Yeah. And that necklace I gave you…that’s the only way to return to the Kingdom of Garnet and if Zadarath gets his hands on it, then…we’re all screwed.”
“We? What do you mean, ‘we’?”
“How do you think I know all this? I was there too. I was one of your royal ‘bodyguards’.”
“Well then…this…is still not making any sense to me.”
“Look, I just need you to pack a few things, put the necklace on and we need to GET OUT OF HERE.” He yelled again, so I quickly stuffed 2 pairs of jeans, shirts and some other necessities into my bag. When I got to my dresser, I stopped for a second, and looked at the piece of jewelry resting in the smooth, blue velvet box. How the floral shape was lined with sapphire and topaz stones. How the beautiful diamond in the center of the pendent was so elegantly placed. I was quickly brought out of my trance when Travis yelled at me again. I quickly snapped the hooks on my neck, fixed the pendent so it was in the direct middle of my neckline, and then ran out of my room right behind Travis.

As we got downstairs, I noticed my mother still sprawled on the ground, unconscious from the blast Toby had caused.
“Wait! I can’t leave my mom here like this!” I yelled at Travis, as he was halfway out the door,
“We don’t have time! We need to get you back to Garnet! And if I’m not mistaken, Toby is somewhere near the portal entrance! Victoria, if he gets there before us, there’s no stopping what he could do afterwards!” his estranged expression told me that we had to leave now. I took one last look at my mother. Not knowing if I’d ever be able to see her again, I rushed to her side, and gave her one last kiss on the cheek, saying my farewell, and telling her I loved her. The hot tears threatening at the edge of my eyes. I took one long blink to make sure they wouldn’t fall. I ran to the door, the messenger bag slung across my body shaking awkwardly, taking one last look at the place I was only able to call home for such a short time. Such a short time but to me felt like an eternity.
“We have to go now, Victoria! Your mother will be fine! Now MOVE!” Travis yelled, from the drivers’ side of…his car I guess. I ran over to the passenger and opened the door, throwing myself inside. My attempts at keeping my tears in, failed, the tears burning their way down my face to my chin slowly. I caught a glimpse of myself in the car door mirror, my face red and blotchy; my skin reacting to the tears in patches all over my face. My stomach churned and rolled as Travis tore through the quiet roads of the night. We finally stopped at an abandoned warehouse, about five miles from my house. But of course, due to all of the interruptions today, seeing someone else there was just, at this point, predictable.

The author's comments:
Part two of my previously uploaded, Supernatural Awakening. :)

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