My Heart's Fault

December 4, 2010
By MangoQT GOLD, Leawood, Kansas
MangoQT GOLD, Leawood, Kansas
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No one is worth your tears, and the one who is wont make you cry.

He was huddled under the table like a pathetic frightened rabbit with a hawk overhead. I was the hawk.

His whole body trembled and you could literally see sweat rolling off his forehead. The sound of his panting filled the otherwise silent library. The jock isn't so tough now, is he? He was used to girls oohing and ahhing over his "glistening skin" and "luscious hair". Except this time he wasn't getting any of that. Quite the opposite if you think about it. He was getting a gun in his face.

I couldn't help the smile creeping onto my grim face. My slick hand tightened on the gun as I spoke the last words this poor lowlife was ever going to hear, "I killed your family." Bang!

It wasn't true but I wanted him dying in the most painful state possible. When enough blood puddled around his lifeless body to satisfy me, I kept going.

I locked eyes with my #1 target strolling through the blank halls. She immediately started to turn the other direction but stopped the instant she saw my gun. I demanded her to face me and she obliged slowly.

Her bright pink sweater hugged her body in every way to make a guy drool. Including me, even now. I imagined a big read and white target on her shirt. The bullet would fly right in the middle. Bull's Eye. Right in the middle to puncture that lying heart of hers.

Her heart was the one that's to blame for this whole catastrophe. She said her heart chose Brad over me. She said she had to follow her heart. She said her heart will always have a place for me. Like heck it will. It's all the stupid heart's fault. It needs a bullet protruded in it to teach it a little lesson.

Well Brad's dead under a library table, now it's Maggie's turn. I focused my pistol on her heaving chest as I heard her release a sob. My hand shook as a tear full of so many different emotions fell down my cheek. My finger lingered on the trigger. At the last second, I groaned and switched the gun to the side of my own head. I tightened my finger on the trigger as the love of my life screamed my name.


I couldn't kill her. It was all my stupid heart's fault.

The author's comments:
One of friends loves writing gory, scary and pretty sad stories that I really love so I decided to give it a try and love it!

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