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December 16, 2010
By Agarwaen SILVER, El Paso, Texas
Agarwaen SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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You're a broken wing/ Not a broken thing/ You can heal in time/ If you try/ It'll be okay/ You can walk away/ Sweet Julia// -"Broken Wing" by Thousand Foot Krutch

Everyone's time comes. Sometimes it comes earlier than when one wanted. I was twenty-eight when my time came. It was really unexpected.

I was walking down the street of downtown Seattle. It had been a really stressful day at work. I was working on writing a code to prevent a super-bug from infecting the governments's computers. For some reason I could not get it to fit together right. Being top of my class at Washington State with a masters in computer science and specializing in virus, it was frustrating that I could not get it to work. So after a while I decided to leave thinking that maybe a good night's sleep would help me concentrate during the next day. But I was never going to get that. Little did I know that someone was following me.

I turned down the street my apartments was on and was just about to start down the street when I heard something click by my left ear.

"Give me your purse," the voice said.

"What if I don't?"

I remembered what my self-defense instructor had told me. You have to remain calm.

"Then you'll die." He pulled the trigger.

Those were the last words I ever heard. I wasn't ready to go. I had just graduated from my graduate school and landed an amazing job in Seattle when it all ended just like that. I hope that people will remember what I started with the super-bug program. Maybe they'll find a way to solve it and help the world. That's all I wanted was to help the world. But no I'll never have that opportunity.

The author's comments:
This story is about a woman who had it all, and then taken away from her in a blink of an eye. This is to remind everyone, even myself, that life is so short. You could leave this world even as you are reading this. You'll never know. Only God above knows when you shall leave here. Live your life!

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