My uncle's death

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Three days ago my close Uncle Herman died and the police still haven’t told us how he died. Our family and I are still not sure; we haven’t seen his body and the police won’t tell us about anything that has happened. My uncle was a really nice guy and he was always with my family. My mom and Uncle Herman were very close. When my mom told me stories about her childhood my Uncle Herman was always in them. They were all pretty cool; she always talked about how her and her brother used to get in trouble and how he uses to be very protective. Hearing these stories always made me laugh, but now they just get me depressed knowing he’s gone. Uncle Herman used to buy me all these new gifts every time he came to visit and he used to be my babysitter.
I’m fourteen now, and when he died I just feel more lonely even though the last time he babysat me was about five years ago. I wonder why the police wouldn’t tell our family how he died. For sure we know that Uncle Herman didn’t die in the hospital because in some of the reports they said that they found him by the park. His death just seems like a mystery and I want to figure it out.
Today I’m going to the police station with my mother and I’m going to try to find out why we cannot get any information on my uncle’s death. At the station, we talked to the person at the and front she said that we had to talk to the cop who was there during my uncle’s death. After that my mother and I knew something terrible happened to my uncle. When we found Officer Howard, the cop in charge, he told us that Uncle Herman was murdered. My mom busted out into tears. Officer Howard told her “We are going to find that guy and put him in jail for a very long time!” After a few minutes of Officer Howard and I trying to stop my mother from, crying she asked if she could confront the man that killed her brother. Officer Howard told us that Uncle Herman’s case is still unsolved and that there might have been many people included in this case.

Coming home later that night I went straight to bed and my mother told the rest of her family what happened. While laying in bed, the rest of my family were trying to figure out all the people that had something against my uncle Herman. A lot of phone calls were made last night and I didn’t get any sleep so I was pretty grumpy the next morning. When I woke up my mom was still in the living room with my dad. My dad wasn’t as affected by the murder as much as my mom probably was but my dad and Uncle Herman were pretty close. When Uncle Herman had to live with us for a week, he and my dad hung out a lot. They were working together and doing whatever else old people do. Later, at home while my dad was trying to cheer up my mom, my dad told her that the week that Uncle Herman was with us they went to the bar one night and got into a big fight with a couple of guys. My mom freaked out right away and asked my dad if he knew who they were. My dad told my mom that those men were usually just a bunch of drunks and just hung out at the bar.

Later that night, my dad and one of his friends went to the bar. I went along and since I wasn’t allowed in the bar I just stayed outside in the car. A few minutes later I got bored and went to go look through the window of the bar. I saw my dad and his friend talking to a couple of guys who didn’t seem to take anything my dad was saying seriously. You could tell they weren’t taking anything seriously because of the way they acted. Both men were just sitting there laughing and not paying attention to anything my dad was saying. Then I noticed that my dad’s friend Ron was getting aggravated. I could tell he was getting mad because Ron was clenching his fists and you could see the veins bulging out of his red face. My dad finally noticed that Ron was getting a little too angry. While my father was trying to calm down Ron, the two guys were just laughing and imitating everything they were doing. When my dad started to notice what they were doing, he punched one of them in the face without warning. Right at that moment, Ron looked a little bit happier and you can tell he was getting excited. Ron was a big guy; he was like six feet, three inches. Ron was at least two hundred pounds and he was built. By built, I mean Ron had a lot of muscles. Ron towered over the two guys who probably had to do with the death of my uncle Herman like a sky scraper.
The owner of the bar told Ron, my dad, and the two other guys to take it outside. That is exactly what they did and as I watched from the corner of the bar it looked like my dad and Ron were pretty much winning the fight. A few minutes went by and the two guys got tired. They were bruised, bleeding, and at the point to surrender. I could tell because they were both breathing very hard and not fighting back. Both of the guys started yelling, “OK, OK… WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED!” Ron replied saying, “Finally, I thought you guys were going to let us beat you to death.”
Ron grabbed the collars of one of the men’s shirt and forced the man to tell him what happened to my uncle. Right at that moment my father saw me around the corner and yelled which got Ron’s attention. While Ron was distracted he let go from his strong grasp. The two guys ended up running away. Ron yelled to the top of his voice and my dad just looked very angry. At the same time they both told me to get my butt in the car. I felt so embarrassed, I was kind of sweating because I knew when I got home, my mom and dad would yell at me.

At home after we dropped of Ron, my dad lectured me about listening to his orders. My mother, the other hand, was a little mad at my dad because he got into a fight. So my parents ended up fighting and I got to sneak upstairs to my room. Later that night we got a call from the police. The police on the phone told my dad to go to the station. My dad decided to bring me.

At the station we saw a few familiar faces. We saw Officer Howard holding on to one handcuffed man. I couldn’t clearly see the face of this man but his hair was long and everywhere his clothes were old, dirty, and had blood all over. The man looked towards us right away and we noticed that he was the one of the men my dad got into a fight with. The man smiled at us and when Officer Howard noticed what he was doing, he gave a strong tug on the man’s cuffs. A while after that, Officer Howard walked towards us and I just got a weird feeling. He told us that they had four suspects for my uncle’s murder. Officer Howard took us to a room and showed us pictures. He asked us if we knew any of the suspects. Out of all the suspects we saw two familiar faces. When I saw these two guys, I got mad knowing that these could’ve been the men that killed my uncle and that I distracted my dad from getting them. Officer Howard told us that he found those two men doing drugs where Uncle Herman died. He also told that they had been doing drugs in that same spot for a long time. Officer Howard then let the two other men go.

That night I went to sleep pretty late I had the two guy’s faces stuck in my head which kept me freaked out for a long time. I was biting my nails and kept walking around the house before I went to bed. That morning the police called and told us that they couldn’t get any information out of them. So Officer Howard told us that if we wanted to go down to the station we could and ask a few questions are selves. So that is exactly what my mother and father did. I was left home; I really wanted to go, I felt left out. I think my dad was not allowing me to go with him because of what happened the other night.
So all day, I was just there at home either on the couch watching TV or getting something to eat. I felt bad because I really wanted to help find the person who killed my uncle. My uncle was there for me all the time. He was the one who taught me how to ride a bike. My dad was always busy, so when he was at work my uncle was kind of my father figure. So I knew I had to be responsible on how we figured out his case.
So I went on my bike and rode down to where my uncle died. Knowing that this is the place where the two guys that got in a fight with my uncle hang out. As I looked at the bright green grass and all the smiling face I wondered how my uncle could’ve died in such a peaceful place. When I parked my bike, went down a trail and saw someone I know I’ve seen before. It was Officer Howard and he didn’t see me yet and I made sure he wouldn’t. I didn’t want him to see me yet; I wanted to see what he was doing here in the first place. Officer Howard was mysteriously waiting by a tree like he was expecting someone. Time went by, and another man started walking towards Officer Howard. They shook each other’s hands and started talking. I couldn’t hear from where I was from so I tried to get closer. I crawled under a bush that was right next to them. From under that bush I could hear everything they were saying. I heard them talking about how my uncle died. They said “We can’t tell anyone about how Herman really died because that would ruin the whole deal.”
As I was trying to get a better look at the other man, my hand slipped, I fell, and my head stuck out of the bush. I right away, I noticed that the man Officer Howard was talking to was one of the men that were suspects of killing my uncle. Richard Miles was this man’s name because Officer Howard kept saying it. Richard grabbed my arm right away, tugged me out of the bush, and asked Officer Howard if he knew who I was. Officer Howard gave me a stern look and said, “no” while shaking his head. Right away I yelled, ” You know who I am, I’m the nephew of the man this guy killed!” Richard gripped my arm even tighter, he through me on the ground and said he didn’t kill anybody. I didn’t know what to do so I panicked (knowing there were a lot of people around) and yelled “MURDERERS!” Richard grabbed me and I punched him in the face, he immediately threw me on the ground. My phone started ringing and Richard tried to get the phone before I answered it. When I was about to answer Officer Howard held me down. As Officer Howard held me down, Richard answered my cell phone. I couldn’t understand the conversation he was having with whoever was on the other line.
After Richard had his conversation, Officer Howard gripped my shirt, lifted me, and slammed me on the ground. I wasn’t hurt, but my eyes widened. Officer Howard just looked at me and when I looked into his eyes I saw a completely different person. Seconds later, Richard threw my phone at me. Then he pulled Officer Howard off me they just left me laying there. When they were out of sight, I got back up on my bike and rode home.
My parents were in the living room waiting for me. My dad’s face was red, his eyes were locked on me and he was grinding his teeth. My mom’s face was looking downwards with her hand on her forehead. My dad grabbed my arm and I let out a moan. So I told him what happened with Richard and Officer Howard. Surprisingly my parents believed me and called the cops right away. When they called the cops they made sure not to tell Officer Howard about the plan. The plan was let the suspects capture my parents. My parents were hooked up with recorders. When the suspects confessed the police would bust in and arrest them right away.
I had to stay with an officer by the name of John. My parents went of somewhere else to find the two new suspects. Suddenly, on radio of John’s police car, a man told us to come straight to an old warehouse.
When we got there we saw a few other cop cars parked outside of the warehouse. John told me that my parents were in the warehouse, held hostage. I didn’t freak out because I knew it was all a part of the plan.

Through John’s radio you could hear what Officer Howard and Richard were saying. This is because my mom and dad had microphones on them.
Richard was saying to my mom “I did kill your brother because he got in the way of the whole operation.” Then you would hear my mother spit (probably on Richard’s face) As soon as the cops outside heard the confession they busted in.

Officer Howard tried to act like he was all a part of the plan and pretended to arrest Richard. So I yelled and told John that the two men were getting away.

A few days later Richard and Officer Howard went to jail. I was awarded. I felt so happy, knowing that I was a part of this. It kind of kept me in peace knowing that I solved my Uncles case.

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