Shadow Lake

December 12, 2010
By joe.hayden085 SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
joe.hayden085 SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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In a dark depressing day in life a young women named Abby was minding he own business. Wearing her pink slippers and lying in bed reading a book called Shadow Lake. Not realizing her deep, dark fate that awaits her in the future.

While reading her book, she slowly felt dizzy and he heart was racing. She ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Right when she stepped out she grabbed a towel and heard a scream that stole the breath from her. She felt a cold draft that froze the wet ground she was stepping on. She ran into her bedroom and fainted.

When she woke up she realized she was not in her house. She was on a outside. She looked around. Everything looked lifeless. Her body was next to a lake that was bloody red. She screamed, trying to see if anyone could hear her, to see if some one could save her. She felt hopeless, alone, and scared. She ran, and ran trying to find someone. Someone just to hold her and give her comfort, but no one was there. Seeing a little shed she ran to it. The shed was all torn down and rusted, but all that she could think of is finding someone. She opened the door slowly and heard it creak. She heard foot steps behind hear, and ran in the dark corner. The door made an abrupt stop. She saw a foot. And the door opened again a man was standing there wearing tattered clothing and a bloody knife in his had. He stayed quiet and stood motionlessly. The man began to walk slowly towards her and through the bloody knife at her. Before the knife came close to her face she felt a cold draft. Just like the one in the bathroom. A dark figured appeared in front of her and the dark being teleported her away to safety.

She woke up in a cave with shadows all around her. The shadows were talking in a strange language she never heard of. One of the shadow men came up to her. she remembered the book she was reading; then realized that she was in Shadow Lake!

The Shadows talked to her and said, “The man that was going to killer was a Suckubiss. With huge teeth that has a craving for human blood. He draws humans that read this book into real life, and the only way to get out of the book is to kill him. Many have died trying and only you can save yourself. We Shadow Men are the ones that have died in trying to free ourselves. We can help you, but we can’t kill him for you. Only you can save yourself from death. This dagger we will give you is an ancient sword. If you stab him in the heart with this you will go home, but if not you will die and live here for eternity.” The shadow-man gave her the ancient sword and teleported her to were the Suckubiss dwells. The shadow-man whispers to her, “good luck.”, then teleports himself out. She comes up right behind the Suckubiss and the Suckubiss turns around. And says, “Well look who showed up. Why it isn’t little to late for you now isn’t it? Who sent you here for you to die? Was it the Shadow-men?” She grasps the dagger tight behind her back. The Suckubiss continues, “I knew one of theses days he would send you to me. Do you have and final words to say before you die?”. The girl replies, “Yes I do…” she then screams,” Die!” pulls the knife out from behind her back and stabs him in the heart. He bursts into flames. And screams a long, “No!”. All the Shadow Men appear. The say, “Well done friend, now we can pass on to the after life, Thank you!”. They all smile and then vanish. Abby is overcome with this funny feeling and the world crashes around. She runs as fast as she can, but a crack from the earth opens underneath her. She falls in it, and falls into her living room of her house. Everything seems peaceful. She runs up to her room, sees the book on her bed, and burns it in her fireplace that night.

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